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AQR: Kathryn Hall, Qualitative Lead, True Insights, UK

Kathryn Hall

Qualitative Lead
True Insights
United Kingdom

Kathryn has been a qualitative researcher for about 20 years. She started as a graduate for DVL Smith Ltd, and has worked at GfK, Kantar and OKO. She is the founder of True Insights. Our work spans multiple sectors.

AQR Membership

Kathryn has been a Member of the AQR since May 2020.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2001 MRS Conf with the NLCB
  • 2009 NUS Conf with HSBC
  • 2017 C4’s and the PSB remit paper
  • 2018 Rep and Portrayal on BBC TV paper
  • 2018 Published paper on the future of news
  • 2019 Presented at the IOF conf
  • 2019 Published research at the RAC conf