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AQR: Sue Hyde, 2CV Research, UK

Sue Hyde

Head of UK Qual Field
2CV Research
United Kingdom

Sue has worked co-ordinating fieldwork for research projects since 2004, ensuring the smooth running of studies and correct specification of respondents in samples across the UK and worldwide. She has experience recruiting for an extensive range of methodologies including ethnographies, accompanied experiences, play/usability testing, group safaris, co-creation and exposure sessions and works to MRS standards. She also specialises in hard to reach audience recruitment including low income, disengaged youth, minority ethnic, high net worth, B2B and respondents living with disabilities.

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AQR Membership

Sue has been a Member of the AQR since June 2013.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2002 BA Hons from Middlesex University
  • 2004 Began Qual Field career with TRBI/Synovate
  • 2006 Joined 2CV Research
  • 2012 Head of UK Qual Field at 2CV
  • 2014 MRS member