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AQR: Matthew Allen, Folk Research, UK

Matthew Allen

Managing Director
Folk Research
United Kingdom

Matt Allen started out professional life as an actor, which helped to hone the skills of presentation while highlighting the power of subtext, the meaning and the motivation behind what people are saying. He's been a researcher since 2003, as a founder member of the Voodoo team. There he was the co-pilot of the Magic Bus, a roaming research vehicle that took research out of the facility and into the festival fields to get closer to younger audiences. He co-founded Folk in 2018 to provide enhanced, bespoke qual to a growing range of curious international clients.

AQR Membership

Matthew has been a Member of the AQR since June 2018.

Propser Riley-Smith Excellence Award

Matthew is a winner of the Prosper Riley-Smith Excellence Award, the industry's leading award for qualitative research and a highly regarded badge of excellence.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2020 Winner AQR Qualitative Excellence Award