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AQR: Adele Lister, Research Director, Acacia Avenue, UK

Adele Lister

Research Director
Acacia Avenue
United Kingdom

Adele graduated from Oxford University in 2005 and has been a qualitative researcher ever since. She has worked at several agencies, specialising in both the financial services and media industries and pioneering online and digital techniques. Since joining Acacia Avenue in 2012 she has been able to ground her broad range of experiences in academic principles, and focus on delivering research that challenges the status quo and introduces new ways of thinking

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AQR Membership

Adele has been a Member of the AQR since July 2007.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2005 Graduated from Trinity College, Oxford with a degree in Classics
  • 2007 Completed courses: Introduction to qualitative and quantitative
  • 2007 Completed ‘Basic Moderating Skills’ training course
  • 2010 Completed Impact Factory ‘Line Management’ training co
  • 2012 Completed MRS ‘Consultative Selling’ course
  • 2014 Completed MRS ‘Practical Semiotics’ course
  • 2014 Attended the AQR ‘Qualitative Vision Day’
  • 2016 Completed AQR’s Leadership Awareness Course