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AQR: Bella Wateridge, Razor Research Ltd, UK

Bella Wateridge

Research Executive
Razor Research Ltd
United Kingdom

After graduating from the University of Bath, she started her qualitative research career during the pandemic in 2020. She has now been a research executive with Razor Research LTD for just over a year. she joined the AQR Young Disruptors team in 2021.

AQR Membership

Bella has been a Member of the AQR since July 2020.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2020 Graduated from University of Bath
  • 2020 Joined Razor Research as a Research Executive
  • 2020 Completed AQR Moderating theory and practice course
  • 2021 Wrote piece for AQR In Brief 'Thinking inside the box'
  • 2021 Joined the AQR Young Disruptors team
  • 2021 Convened AQR Young Disruptors online Breakfast Bites session

Articles published by the AQR