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AQR: Oliver Cary, SMTP Oliver Cary (oliver@thebearchite, The Behavioural Architects, UK

Oliver Cary SMTP Oliver Cary (oliver@thebearchite
The Behavioural Architects
United Kingdom

Oliver joined The Behavioural Architects in October 2015. His appetite to better understand human behaviour was born out of a sailing trip from Australia to Thailand in 2011, and the rich cultures and intrepid people he encountered along the way. Fuelled by this expedition, he studied for a BSc in Anthropology where he was able to develop both a deeper understanding of human socio-cultural motivations, and a good knowledge of the design and execution of qualitative research.

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AQR Membership

Oliver has been a Member of the AQR since August 2015.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2017 Completed AQR's Digital Develop Your Online Skills Course

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