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AQR: April Blanchard, Managing Director, Breathe Ltd, UK

April Blanchard

Managing Director
Breathe Ltd
United Kingdom

April has dual qualitative and quantitative skills, developed at NOP and Focus on Research before specialising in 'being there' qualitative research approaches at TRBi (now Synovate). April established Breathe Research in 2001, in order to maintain a 'hands on' research approach. Key skills are: Taking a strategic approach to every research challenge, whether big or small; An ability to make the complex simple; An insatiable curiosity to get to the heart of why people do/think/say what they do.

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AQR Membership

April has been a Member of the AQR since October 2013.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 1996 Co presented ‘Secret Life of the Male Shopper at the MRS co
  • 2001 Established Breathe Research
  • 2012 Breathe won the MRS insight award
  • 2012 Breathe won the AURA Rockerfeller award for impact