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AQR: Nikki Lavoie, Savanta Group LLC, France

Nikki Lavoie

EVP, Global Experience Strategy
Savanta Group LLC

Nikki is a spirited and intuitive bilingual (French and English) researcher who translates her passion for understanding into strategic insight. Experienced in both traditional and contemporary methodologies, she has focused largely on combining ethnography and digital techniques in recent years. She has certificates in projective techniques, emotional intelligence, gamification and design thinking.

AQR Membership

Nikki has been a Member of the AQR since October 2015. Nikki serves on the AQR Management Board.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2005 Graduated from Endicott College with a Degree in Communications
  • 2007 Began qual and quant careers at The Taylor Research & Consulting
  • 2011 Moved to Paris to continue working internationally
  • 2013 Presented at ESOMAR Congress in Istanbul
  • 2014 Presented at the WorldWide Qualitative Conference in Budapest
  • 2014 Presented at the QRCA Qualitative Conference in New Orleans
  • 2015 Led a workshop at the Qualitative Hackathon at IIeX in Amsterdam
  • 2016 Led a workshop on agile qualitative at IIeX in Amsterdam
  • 2016 Presented at WorldWide Qualitative Conference in Vienna (QRCA)
  • 2016 Accepted as a presenter at ESOMAR Congress in New Orleans
  • 2017 Elected to the AQR Board
  • 2018 Presenter at AQR's Eyes Wide Open event

Articles published by the AQR