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AQR: Miranda Brown, Research Manager, RDSi, UK

Miranda Brown

Research Manager
United Kingdom

Miranda has reached her second year of research, and loves working on a huge range of topics from moisturiser to steak to current accounts. When not being curious at work, she's exploring London's galleries, cocktail bars and the occasional kebab shop.

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AQR Membership

Miranda has been a Member of the AQR since December 2014.

Notable achievements and contributions

  • 2015 completed AQR Hands on Moderating Skills Workshop
  • 2016 Attended AQR Breakfast Bites How to Boss a Briefing Meeting
  • 2016 Attended AQR Breakfast Bites Infographics
  • 2016 Completed AQR Moderating Skills - Sweating the small stuff
  • 2018 Attended AQR’s Eyes Wide Open event

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