Representing the interests of our members in the qualitative research industry

Founded in the early 1980s, the Association for Qualitative Research is a non-profit organisation. Our core objective is to serve the interests of our members through:

  • Defining and building understanding of the commercial value of qualitative research within our community and more generally among market research buyers, marketers, the broader business community and the media

  • Providing inspiring, valuable training courses to independents and client and agency-based qualitative researchers

  • Creating forums that facilitate debate and advance qualitative research methodology, analysis and consultancy

  • Promoting qualitative research as a career

  • Providing networking opportunities and social events for members

  • Promoting the highest professional industry standards within our industry, to the broader business community and to the media

Distinguishing qualitative research from the simple canvassing of opinion

We believe that certain hallmarks distinguish qualitative research from the simple canvassing of opinion:

  • Research conducted by qualitative researchers who are appropriately trained in research theory and practice, in terms of design, moderation and analysis

  • A rigorous research process that includes an analysis and interpretation stage subsequent and discrete from the moderation and fieldwork. This stage is vital in transforming the "raw" data into the insight and recommendation that distinguishes qualitative research from mere reportage

  • Recruitment that is undertaken in a transparent and honest manner to agreed criteria, respecting the rights and needs of both clients and respondents

Safeguarding the future of qualitative research

All those who share AQR's interests and ambitions are welcome as members. They are provided with tangible benefits, plus access to a powerful business network. Over the course of the next 20 years, the industry is bound to change. AQR will keep its members abreast of developments, and provide them with the intellectual tools to handle future challenges and opportunities.