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Titles of articles in the AQR library

This is the full index of articles to be found online in the AQR Library, arranged in chronological order of date of publication. If you have any problems locating the article you are looking for, please contact us for assistance.

February 2020

The future is factual Amanda Anderton
Celebrating 40 years of AQR Roddy Glen
A qualitative state of mind Oliver Sweet
A walk on the not so wild side Florence Harry
Two sides of the same coin Chloe De Schryver
Seeding a new field generation Heather Makin

December 2019

Alexa Conversations Alicia Dowsett
Top Tools Adam Bellagha
Thumbs up for landmark initiative Victoria Chapleo
Sector with can-do chutzpah Simon Shaw
Screening out white noise in data Megan Taylor
The challenge of a new lens Alice Tillett
Language of banking rebels Jennifer Simon
Case of ethics versus ease Kymberly Loeb

October 2019

Emotional highs and lows Kate Jones
Run the room Emily Cohen
Is there anyone out there? Tom Cooper
Grappling with sacred cows Marie Harrison
The mind games of M&As Iain Carruthers
Start with strength Kat Jennings
William "Bill" Schlackman (1930-2019) Staff Writer
Power of difference Judy Taylor
The death of the middle ground? Sarah Jay
The case for being there Jim Mott

August 2019

Transforming transcription Alicia Dowsett
Fragments Maria Twigge
Ken Parker (1952-2019) Staff Writer
Biases and decision making Susan Fader
Unpicking conversation nuances Helen Law
An introduction to ethnography Rafaela Peteanu
Top marks for Mod Skills Workshop Karen Poole
Big Day Out with a difference Lucy Morris
Stopping fare evaders in their tracks Crawford Hollingworth

June 2019

Music to work to Alicia Dowsett
New slant on incentives Naomi Gooblar
Turning negatives to positives Sophie Marder
The Citizen Shift Carol McCloskey
How to frame a living portrait Oliver Cary
Insider view on ad agencies Hannah Mills
Triggers of a mobile revolution Charlotte Smith
Why show off when you can signal? Peter Totman

April 2019

AI is Useless for Qual Mike Stevens
Time to rethink new product testing Emma Muckersie
Besting debrief-writing fears Harriet Wells
The Mind is Flat Sarah Morris
Confidence-building bites Dafydd Jones
Mahiki hosts more than the Royals Belma Lugic
You don't have any hidden depths Iain Carruthers
From revelation to revolution Sarah De Caux

January 2019

Handy writing recognition apps Katie Laws
Getting behind the screens Emma Muckersie
Where smart data meets global qual Lyn McGregor
The future of qualitative research Eve Robbins
Ignore culture at your peril Charlotte Culhane
Technique top tips from the Met Vicky Plevriti
Choose your words carefully Louella Miles
Stopping people giving and not taking Crawford Hollingworth
The detail and the duty Carol Raithatha

December 2018

Selfhood: simple business sense Caryn Franklin
Are you looking at me? Oliver Sweet
Time to shake up a sense of self Nick Gadsby
Getting to grips with data Gemma Shevlin
Creating 'appy stakeholders Emma Muckersie
Clients taken on qual journey Caroline Noon
Frameworks for the future Samuel Tholley
Overcoming butterflies Chloe Bartlem
Moderating for all levels Eliza Kosse
Five reasons why qual is here to stay Nick Southgate
Time to help moderators Alexandra Coleman

October 2018

Passive app tracking reveals hidden gems Rachael Penny
Better collaboration through technology Emma Muckersie
Learning, thinking, and doing Esther Cameron
AQR/ESOMAR GDPR Webinar Michelle Mcardle
Teamwork at play in online course Kelly Barnard
A year of independence Niall Smith
Embracing a future with BE Mark Earls

August 2018

Facial recognition... the key to understanding ad effectiveness? Emma Muckersie
Sweating the small stuff Rosie Shaw
Fun, frolics and food for thought Kymberly Loeb
Reasons to attend: times four Lauren Shemtob
Eyes on Human Packaging Rose Van Orden
Value of a good breakfast Riaz Marzban
Riding the winds of change JJ Tomlinson
Introducing Project Titus Dr Pippa Bailey

July 2018

Semiotics: A way to stay relevant Jennifer Simon

June 2018

Robo-journalism and the writing on the wall Tom Cooper
Mural Simon Shaw
Nuggets from point of impact Louella Miles
Semiotics is simple, it's context Becki Jarvis
The myth of the focus group Richard Gush
Pitching to grass roots Gurpinder Sidhu
Perceptions of racial discrimination Marie-Claude Gervais
Two Systems? The Significance of Kahneman's Systems 1 and 2 Stephen Williams
Behavioural insights in research: the shape of things to come? Cathryn Rebak
Systems 1 and 2: turning theory into practice Kat Jennings

April 2018

Chatbots: the latest addition to our qual toolkit? Emma Muckersie
Carboard cut-outs with Nintendo Labo Niall Smith
Moving on up at IIex Europe Louella Miles
In the spirit of "yes, and" Julie Davey
Talking a new language Benjamin Buckby
Making waves with Behavioural Economics Grania O'Brien
Tales from an AQR party novice Chloe Bartlem
Apprentices get stuck in Rhiannon Price
Those old familiar faces… Tom Woodnutt

February 2018

Not the Christmas Party 2018 Staff Writer

January 2018

How the iPhone X will reshape our industry Emma Muckersie
Crowd surfing into VR Anna Sharif
The art of "wellbeeing" Kate Benson
Back to the future Anne-Sophie Damelincourt
Researching UX: User Research Simon Shaw
Wondering just what to read? Paul Arnold
Speed dating with a difference Stephen Williams
Bullsh*t Bingo Oliver Sweet

December 2017

Branding in the age of strong opinion Sarah Jay
Empowered voices Lesley Salem
Participant experience Nikki Lavoie

November 2017

Human face of Mechanical Turk Niall Smith
Danger of forgetting our skills Colin Rice
What do I do if...? Louella Miles
AURA day goes north and south Anna Loughran
Schmoozing ups and downs Martha Llobet
High-energy route to moderating Becky Evans
Networking in disguise JJ Tomlinson
Escaping sandal-ed prejudice Tessa Stuart
Made with Qual Lyn McGregor

October 2017

Thinking up vs Thinking down Hazel Haskayne
Sorting quant quandaries Francesca Springhall
Who's a cognitive dissident? Guy Washer
First steps towards creativity Becki Jarvis
Spotlight on convergence Niall Smith
Disruptors at the heart of qual Judy Taylor
Facebook looks towards augmented reality Emma Muckersie
Making things happen,... automatically Colin Rice

August 2017

Creativity key to [R]evolution Hannah Mills
Day of [R]evolution Louella Miles
Wedding cake hosts AGM Tom Slade
Hope is not a strategy Jane Hales
Welcome to the Games Carol Wale
Mapping a new direction Colin Strong
Never the twain shall meet? Louella Miles
Altered images Colin Rice
Join The Party Emma Muckersie

May 2017

Christmas in chaos Riki Neill
Memories of the future Mark Earls
Finding meaning in social media Katrina Russell
Walking the moderating talk Ia Croxton
Insight Show 2017 Maria Twigge
The art of the infographic Ruth Preston
Survival tips from the masters Louella Miles
What makes your face fit? John Griffiths
Clean sweep for innovation Billie Ing
Free tools for better design Emma Muckersie
Is technology always good? Colin Rice

April 2017

Everyone's a semiotician Emma Laney Smith
Whose slide is it anyway? Grainne O'Dwyer
Talent finds new outlet Nikki Lavoie
Challenge of online Ginny Gale
Building rapport with children Judy Bartkowiak
Go hit it beyond Wimbledon Camilla Cooper
Hello… hello… hello… Colin Rice
Using Tripit? Sarah Jenkins

February 2017

Not the Christmas Party 2017 Staff Writer
Just one step away Michael Herbert
Eyes Wide Opened Tamsin Spencer
Keep the conversation flowing Jack Swanston
Three stars from ESOMAR Samantha Nunn
Finding a personal voice Lucy Foylan
Picture Perfect Jeff Johns
Making an experience real Neil Stevenson
All round leadership Desmond Kiernan
Moderating Robots Colin Rice
VR takes over the world Emma Muckersie

January 2017

Laugh-a-minute at YUG quiz Clare McCay

November 2016

Making mobile unobtrusive Adam Blunt
Quals secret weapon Giles Finnemore
Revealing maps of reality Liz Montgomery
Bringing a "Day in the Life" to life Caroline Noon
Just who are we? Colin Rice
Ignorance will be no defence Michelle Goddard
The return of Google Glass? Emma Muckersie
Prisma mobile photo editing Stromi Lof
Negotiating the political maze Graeme Trayner
Cracking our elusive System 1 Rebecca Ironside
Virtual Customer realities John Sayers

October 2016

AQR AGM Chairman's Report 2016 Simon Patterson

September 2016

Edging closer to professionalisation Michael Herbert
Ideas that make a difference Lindsay Bell
Places that Spark Emotions Edward Appleton
Future research needs Roddy Glen
Finger on the pulse Gillian Thomas
Instagram impacts on Gen X Anniki Sommerville
Pokemon catalyst Colin Rice
1 Second Everyday Emma Muckersie
Planners are a Smash hit Paul Arscott

August 2016

Vienna in the Spring Darren Harvey
Experience of universality Sarah Hosny
Visualising running barriers Miranda Brown
The curious storyteller Peter Lamy
More than The Apprentice James Davis
The future of print Adam Bellagha
Good old days of Flip Cam Colin Rice
Tech times two for the summer Emma Muckersie

May 2016

Foreword (InDepth #24) Blue Martin
On the right track Fiona Jack
To have or have not Charlotte Harris
Re-inventing the researcher Rhiannon Price
Forum on form Louella Miles
Thoughts become things Abbey Teunis
Power of visual thinking Carol McCloskey
Nutritious playing day Paloma Diaz Zeeuwen
Hitting the jackpot for Lotto Camilla Cooper
Tales from the front line Nick Johnson
Getting down with the kids Sarah Jenkins
Virtual Reality comes of age Colin Rice

April 2016

How to boss a briefing Kathryn Bailey
Hands-on Moderating Connie Wroe
Not The Xmas Party step-by-step guide Tamsin Spencer
Father of British qual Peter Lovett
Make me an internet star Anna Parry
Out of the oven, into the pan Debbie Newbould
Storehouse Anjul Sharma
Lifelogging Colin Rice

February 2016

Not the Christmas Party 2016 Staff Writer
Cool Collaboration Anita Black
One quiz to rule them all Theresa Jones
Stop, Breathe, and Be Graham Brown
Sweating the small stuff Gillian Stewart
Questions in Kurdistan Duncan Grimes
Gamechanger Nick Coates
Finding time Darren Till
Getting closer to the action Anjul Sharma

December 2015

Foreword (InDepth #23) Blue Martin
Is advertising art? Wendy Gordon
Ever increasing circles Tony Laverty
Chasing smiles in Kuala Lumpur Jim Mott
Field conviviality Louise Stark
WWWF in Media City Soula Foster
Qualitative Professionalism Michael Herbert
View from field Rachael Penny
A happy affair Gillian Thomas
A newbie's perspective Matt Cade
A speaker's slant Jim Mott
Colour on a rainy day Hannah Dunnett
From pigeons to prosecco Adam Bellagha
Flying the flag for qual Tom Kerr
Youth TV in Pakistan Hugh Hope-Stone
Is someone out to get you? Graeme Trayner
HTTPrint Anjul Sharma
Fireside Darren Till

October 2015

Video streaming app takes off Anjul Sharma
Concurrency Darren Till
View from the chair 2015 Simon Patterson
Recruiter Accreditation Scheme Update Julie Fuller
A modern age: Generation C Darren Till
Networking, fear or cheer? Hannah O'Donoghue
Creating respondent agency Daniel Tralman
Stop asking questions Edward Appleton

August 2015

Charlie, the personal assistant Darren Till
Make my day Darren Till
Into the blue Anjul Sharma
Making work fun Gem Alkis
The Swagger Experience Felicity Adkins
Embracing the Swagger Raphael Zak
Embracing the unconscious Camilla Cooper
Bonding at Moderating Skills Workshop Lucia Bartlam
A client view of Moderating Skills Workshop Jenny Hearne
The Sharing Economy Maria Twigge
Slicing the membership pie Rebecca Harries

June 2015

Is app-ification of research nigh? Jill Sarsfield
Accreditation morphs into professionalisation Michael Herbert
Impact trumps insight Louella Miles
The psychology of fear Lucy Foylan
Weaving some magic Peter Fenton-O'Creevy
Happiness matters Kelly McKnight

May 2015

Playing the field James Heaney
Foreword (InDepth #22) Blue Martin
In the age of free data, what is qual for? William Landell Mills
Insight beyond impact Andy Crysell
Predicting the next Frozen Nick Fisher
Research in an ethical future? Tom Woodnutt
Why qual needs to get carnal Tom Rowley
Moustaches, machismo and masala Rajeswari Bonala

April 2015

Forget dusty tomes, go video Judy Bartkowiak
Directr Darren Till
Dudr Jill Sarsfield
Duolingo Darren Till
Playing the field Caroline Noon
Mod skills rule, okay? Chloë Fowler
Hands-on Moderating Skills Ben Younie
Sharing Good Ideas Maya Middlemiss
Not The Christmas Party 2015 Rachael Penny
Inside the mind of a diabetic Crawford Hollingworth

February 2015

Mentoring scheme a hit Louella Miles
What is this all about? Wendy Gordon
Counting the CPD hours Louella Miles
Everything in Moderation Adam Joseph
Moderation full circle Florence Clark
Serving up champagne Andrea Steel
Emotions behind a selfie Francesca Malpass
A debrief in leather Amanda Anderton
Goodbye respondents, hello contestants Jill Sarsfield

December 2014

Stand up for qual research Howard Josephs
Barcode scanning vs trad research Emma Muckersie
Why we can, and must, ask why Alison Winship MacKay
Lifelogging takes to the air Darren Till
Mod Skills: a cracker Jackie Tomes
Mod Skills Scrutinised Ucheora Obi
On the spot creativity Max Hardie
Agility aids fightback Nikki Carlisle
Unconscious plus added power Joanna Chrzanowska

November 2014

Foreword (InDepth #21) Blue Martin
You say creativity, I say innovation Gord Ray
Getting messy with it Martin Gent
New measures of creativity Giovanni Schiuma

September 2014

Hottest ticket in town Julia Whitehead
What kinda thing Katherine Rhodes
Polishing up a paper Louella Miles
Defining the forefront Trish Stuart Parker

August 2014

Accreditation turns professional Blue Martin
And now for recruiter accreditation Julie Fuller
Assessing markets Emma Muckersie
Technology round-up Darren Till
Humans, phablets, Facebook friends Lian Nuttall
The qualitative instinct Dee Chalmers
The superhighway to the unconscious Rob Rawlinson
Let's hear it for talking Kevin McLean

June 2014

Calling all quallies Michael Herbert
Farewell to the cottage Roddy Glen
Impact 2014 Louella Miles
Welcome to the games Nelise Doornenbal
Researching feelings Roy Langmaid FMRS
A difficult but beautiful birth Caroline Hayter
A quiz night for all seasons Leo Sanders
Connecting the dots Staff Writer
Don't look an IFFT horse in the mouth Darren Till
iBeacons hide their light from qual Emma Muckersie
Getting creative with technology Darren Till

April 2014

Buckets Lists top poll Louella Miles
Notes from CES Darren Till
The perils of big feedback Alex Steeden
Blippar Darren Till
Qualitative accreditation is happening Michael Herbert
Laying the foundations Katharine Diamond
Ignorance is not bliss Roy Langmaid FMRS
Party fit for January Rachael Penny
Bringing numbers to life Mark Thorpe
Privacy in the modern age Darren Till

March 2014

Foreword (InDepth #20) Blue Martin
The new semiotics of death Alex Gordon
Cake, Coffee and Death Megan Mooney
Let's talk about death Russell Whitworth

January 2014

Parents push for ad rethink Emma Worrollo
Flipagram as a short ethnography tool Darren Till
Twitter's online research community Kirsty Yeomans
Highlighting the interconnectedness of insight Darren Till
Mixing it with the quallies Jordan Smith
Last SPARK of the year Ameline Jean
Planning for future news Sarah Jenkins
Thoughts of an optimist Edward Appleton

November 2013

Tapping into communities Kirsty Yeomans
Biometrics in the spotlight Helen Rider
In-the-moment feedback Darren Till
Supermarket Wars Howard Josephs
Wearable Tech Paul Oram

September 2013

When 3D becomes the norm Kirsty Yeomans
The connected brain Roddy Glen
Perils of the Lone Ranger Duncan Grimes
Foreword (InDepth #19) Blue Martin
What's the story about stories? Martin Lee
Why stories matter Tim Rich
Tricks of the other trade Neil Griffiths

August 2013

At the feet of the master Simon Patterson
Custodians of context Colin Strong
Endorsement etiquette Paul Hutchings

June 2013

Becoming a curious child Juliet Tate
Training in the dark arts Abi Fuller
Back to the future (day one) Lucy Baldwin
A bad case of research myopia Tash Walker
More than a solo effort Liz Parker
Down the rabbit hole Reshma Bachwani

March 2013

Drinking responsibly – or not Duncan Grimes
An accidental career Paul Stamper
Spirit of give and take Darren Harvey
Make training count Michael Herbert
Seeking inspiration? Louella Miles
New York state of mind Laura Wiggins
Not the Christmas Party (2012) Staff Writer
Foreword (InDepth #18) Geoff Bayley
Tunnel Vision West and Wide Angle East Elina Halonen
Mobile map of the mind Martin Smith

January 2013

Life on the frontline Louella Miles
Making a meal out of milk Helen Passard
Relight that fire! Richard Gush
Plus ça change, plus...? Mary Goodyear
Lessons from the stump Graeme Trayner

November 2012

Unilever's Round Table
Soft drinks to spicy pastes Debbie Eddy
Mentoring: on to round two Louella Miles
Reflections of a newbie Alex Dewdney
Field in the North Claire Webster
An entrancing time Christine Garland
Death of the big ad idea? Tash Walker
The beautiful game? Not quite. Louella Miles

September 2012

Heartland worth preserving Leeat Racs
Stay loose until rigour counts Geoff Bayley
Identity crisis? What identity crisis? Nelise Doornenbal
Time to hang in Nero Victoria Duckworth
Foreword (InDepth #17) Geoff Bayley
Why not take a walk on the wild side? Kevin McLean
The sofa that started as an experiment Matt Lynch
The upside of talking to oneself Siamack Salari

August 2012

Qual and a changing high street Nat Hester
Where Wii leads… Nick Maybanks

July 2012

Young Guns Louella Miles

June 2012

Planning for parenthood Louella Miles
Mentoring first for AQR Trish Stuart Parker
Obituary: John Cronk Mark Earls
How observation identifies opportunity Andrea Higgins
Male beauty: skin deep Shabana Ebrahem
Focus on cultural diversity Kate Wilson
MR keeps its light hidden Lucy Baldwin

April 2012

Changing perceptions Duncan Grimes
The hippies of 2012 Debbie Lemon
Corsodyl takes a chance Julie Davey

March 2012

Foreword (InDepth #16) Ken Parker
The 50+ market: bother or wither Janet Kiddle
Age: its really all in the mind Lisa Edgar
Getting to know you, and you, and you Dick Stroud

January 2012

The Proud Nail Roy Langmaid FMRS
Tail that wags the dog Howard Josephs
Tipped for stardom Tim Carr

December 2011

Olympic-sized challenge Thea Bowden
Unveiling modest fashion Debbie Lemon
Infected by cleanliness? Roger Titford
Digital recruitment learnings Vipul Chokshi
Getting to grips with tribes Gaëlle Bertrand

October 2011

Stranger to ourselves Gerald Kreinczes
New twist to old chestnut Anna Sampson
Future of the vanity unit Duncan Grimes
Risking a reputation Bay Clark

September 2011

Foreword (InDepth #15) Ken Parker
Behavioural Economics: a perfect storm Crawford Hollingworth
So after the sizzle, where is the sausage? Wendy Gordon

August 2011

Is it yours to (ab)use? Alison Fydler
Moma packs a punch Tom Mercer

May 2011

Je ne regrette rien Monique Drummond
Has Fair Trade asked enough? Duncan Grimes
Reframing NI's paywall Nick Coates
Tales from the garden Jochum Stienstra
Beyond a relationship breakdown Ken Parker
Who killed insight? Kevin McLean
Killing with kindness Amanda Anderton

March 2011

Who is the Big Society aimed at? Louella Miles
Good stimulus is key Simon Pollock
The opportunity of youth? Alan Hathaway
Experiencing a new reality Nicky Holmes
Creating a brand aura Tim Healy
Foreword (InDepth #14) Geoff Bayley
Qualia, Qualis: the roots of qual? Chris Barnham
Time to know what a brand is Nick Southgate

February 2011

Obituary: Virginia Valentine Staff Writer
Chasing the rainbow Sheila Keegan
A questioning nature David Penn
Irish sovereignty:1922-2010 RIP Anne Hastings
ChatGroups checklist Robin Shuker

December 2010

Talking to a brick wall Christine Garland
Where Red Sludge fits with CSR Louella Miles
Co-operation, Compromise and Cuts Helen Cleary

October 2010

Testing quallie skills Lorraine Davidson
Fall-out from football failure Michael Webley
Quality teamwork John Griffiths
Potential to transform qual Jon Batterham
Effective Improvisation Alistair Kuechel
Psychology of saving fuel Nick Coates

September 2010

Foreword (InDepth #13) Geoff Bayley
Sustainability feeds growth Sarah Severn
Can Nike bridge the crevasse Ruth McNeil

July 2010

Explaining the inexplicable Nick Gadsby
Words from the wise? Louella Miles
Coalitions and pop culture Martin Moritz
State of the nations Louella Miles
Inspired in Action Dominika Maison

May 2010

Achieving goals indirectly Tessa Stuart
Implications of election year Graeme Trayner
Journey to an online future Louella Miles

March 2010

It's not as easy as it looks Tina Berry
View from the edge Louella Miles
Three for the pot Louella Miles
Obituary: Peter Cooper Sheila Keegan
May 2010: Britain's internet election Anne Ward
Digital tools in qualitative space Joanna Chrzanowska
Challenging definitions of qual Joanna Chrzanowska
Obituary: Barry Pritchard Roddy Glen
Incredible human journey Sally Ford-Hutchinson
Changes afoot Rosie Campbell
Moving swiftly on Louella Miles
Foreword (InDepth #12) Geoff Bayley
Sex and the power of speech Deborah Cameron
Treasure the gender agenda Gill Ereaut

January 2010

Textbook that tells a story Jess Francis
Unimaginability issues Louella Miles
Celebrity uncovered Rebekah Yock

November 2009

Sliding doors at Vinopolis Abi Almond
A tweet in time Louella Miles
Fair play when shopping Andrea Higgins
The heart of the mind Shabana Ebrahem
Country of complexities Marcel Zbinden

September 2009

New kid on the block Manish Sinha
Exploring the alternatives Liz Sykes
Use and abuse Gareth Roberts
Yet more Conversational Analysis Rosie Campbell
Science of Conversation Kevin McLean
Complexities of Belgium Marc Dumoulin
The marketing hot seat Anne Ward

July 2009

Region of contrasts: rising sun vs rising dragon Irwin Hankins
Respondents and the Crunch Coleen Sadler
Research at the wild frontier Steven Lacey
A new breed of respondent Joanne Geere

June 2009

The spotlight on Conversational Analysis Celia Kitzinger

May 2009

Stand up for their rights Teresa Orange
Countdown to a decision John Habershon
The New Rules of Engagement Lizzie Haycocks
Bricolage to standardisation Reshma Bachwani
Data: Sense and Sensibility Sally Whetton

March 2009

Is Qual too "fluffy" for press? Carol Prest
The key to unveiling Siamack Salari
Hiring: the bigger picture Sarah Davies
Revels at "Not the Christmas Party" Amy Cosgrave
Fancy a change of scenery? Katie Tait
Research Buying Checklist Ruth Flood
Constant State of Evolution Geoff Bayley
Website with Added Value
Checking Out Quality Liz Sykes
Profile of a Winner Louella Miles
Using the New Directory Lizzie Horton
Plus Points of the MRSB Oliver Murphy
Reasons to be Cheerful Rosie Campbell
How Much Do You Earn? Katie Tait

January 2009

Is the honeymoon over so soon? Sandra Macleod
AQR at the QRCA Goli Lashkari
What's a picture worth? John Sayers
Crisis in the high street Martin Moritz

November 2008

Millefeuilles in the dark Ailean Mills
QMIP Conference debut Sheila Keegan
Et après le meltdown? Vaughan Flood
Therapy or training? Andrew Murphy
Getting up close to DEs Rina Igual
Better safe than sorry Gareth Roberts

September 2008

Virtual washing line chats Vicki Kateley
Impact of "Le Crunch" Louella Miles
What can qual offer the Arts? Lisa Baxter
Give the people what they want Louella Miles
Seeing Florence Nightingale in a fresh light Susie Fisher
Japan: a country with high standards Steven Sipes

July 2008

Land where NPD prospers Stella Okpala
Ebb and flow of tourism Nicky Cronin
New slant on celebs Louella Miles
All for an ordered life Andrew Therkelsen
A gallimaufry of good ideas Roddy Glen

June 2008

Object Relations Ailean Mills

May 2008

Tale of a bursary student Andy Connor
Fingers on buttons, now Ailean Mills
Can politics be too pink? Louella Miles
Education under the spotlight Geoff Bayley
Shift in power structure Helen Brown
Innovate or Die Andre Furstenberg
Trust breeds popularity Mariusz Adorjanyi
Tale of the Black Swan Tessa Stuart
Is it time to tear up the discussion guide? Geoff Bayley

March 2008

Treading a careful path Alison Drury
No longer the poor relation Kirsty Boyce
Take me to your leader Louella Miles
Playing on emotions James Morris
Values, Valuables, Value Stewart Dobson
A timeless masterclass Mike Imms

February 2008

Bye bye, Mr Average Liz Sykes
Complexities of trust Caroline Hayter
Sensing the future Charles Spence
Cure for abandonment Louella Miles
To observe - or not Dan O'Donoghue
Research in Poland (methodologies and markets) Fiona Jack
Complexities of Web 2.0 Justin Gibbons
Party of the People Rosie Campbell

January 2008

Fears below the surface Nitasha Kapoor
Hey! It’s not as easy as I make it look! Geoff Bayley
Creative Elevation Ben Scales
Passing on password Louella Miles
Where’s The Sausage?... Live! Simon Gore
How Green is our valley? Katherine Almond
Dangers of the Bedford Triangle Joanna Chrzanowska
Developing the individual Andrew Therkelsen
Forum for big thinking Debbie Carne

November 2007

Inspiring Excellence Andrew Vincent
Changes at the top Hy Mariampolski
Putting passion and creativity back into marketing Kelly Thirkelsen
Obituary: Mary Taylor Gareth Roberts
Caring for the arts Catherine Bunting
Prisons on the ball Louella Miles
Charting a changing world Doerte Toellner
Smoke and Mirrors Virginia Valentine

September 2007

Qualitative Bridges Philly Desai
SWISS Symptoms Barbara Baker
Researchers are 'in the house' Hugh Hope-Stone
Industry or service? Andy Dexter
Made to stick Louella Miles
Qual vs Quant,... Again John Griffiths
Facing up to the ad threat Louella Miles

July 2007

When it pays to be a smoothie Katy Skinner
A lab with a difference Tim Morley
Art for the masses Louella Miles
A big boy made me do it! Audrey Niven

June 2007

Emerging To A Brave New World Sheila Keegan

May 2007

Confusion in the air Roddy Glen
Creativity is a state of mind Kate Wafer
Affluenza and changing values Ailean Mills
Chasing the Chinese market Charlotte Martin
The difference a clip makes Alison Drury
Rose by any other name Geoff Bayley
Trouble brewing on ageism Laura Mazur

March 2007

Supermarket clean sweep Martin Lee
Conversations with Masters Ailean Mills
Action call on standards Liz Sykes
EU and a political football Louella Miles
The perils of DIY software Louella Miles
Blogging as a qualitative method James Bance
Patience key in patient research Tracey White
Participation is key Fiona Jack
Life on the edge Chloë Fowler
New thinking and qual Elvira Eilert
Message Atheism Stuart Smith
Ethical decisions Nitasha Kapoor
Evolution in action Mike Imms
Life post-Bursary Kasia Anna Chwalbinska
Creative Recruitment Louella Miles
Across the great divide Adrian Zambardino

January 2007

‘Death of Field’ takes no prisoners James Sainsbury
Your health, your care, your say Liz Owen
The ultimate wish list for 2007 Louella Miles
AQR aid to graduate intake Louella Miles
Migration’s double standards Catherine Drew
Mining blogs: pertinent chat Reshma Bachwani
How women view their bodies Sheila Keegan
Forum for researching reality Catherine Taylor

December 2006

The Many Not The Few Graeme Trayner

November 2006

Nuggets for a healthy future Davina O’Donoghue
QRCA offers Southern Welcome Darren Harvey
Etiquette for online recruitment Gareth Roberts
Notes from a web-cast virgin Fiona Gillard
Excellent start to study Louella Miles
Smoke signals from France Catherine Taylor
Cross-culture communications Peta McDonald

September 2006

A showroom by any other name Howard Josephs
The birth of cool Rosie Campbell
Worst memory of a group Roddy Glen
Research behind the big screen Sue Clark
Qual: a quarter century on David Iddiols
When its wise to "chill" Richard Pickering

July 2006

Tips from the apprentice Charlotte Parkinson
Expanding the meaning of Qual Alison Drury
Quality thinking at Trends Day Audrey Niven
Statistics, perceptions and trust Suzanne Hall
Wales: the perfect mix Bob Willis

June 2006

Material Matters Simon Roberts

May 2006

What future do pensions have? Rachel Lopata
Theory that's worth a bit of work Andy Barker
Political loans fuel funding row Tim Porter
Retirement's a dirty word Louella Miles
The "bad apples" debate Louella Miles
Be Prepared! Liz Sykes
Viewing virtues (the client's viewpoint) Franco Zazzera
New Thinking Dan O'Donoghue
Dismantling barricades John Griffiths
Code pluses and minuses Oliver Murphy
Report from the chair Fiona Jack
Recruitment in action Chloe Salmon

April 2006

Recruitment in action Tanya Savage

March 2006

Who needs theory, anyway? Dawn Nafus
Power of water cooler news Laura Simpson
A child by any other name? Sheila Keegan
Beyond parent, adult and child Susanna Cesarini

January 2006

Chucking out unfashionable customers Audrey Niven
Who's awake in the dead of night? Bob Cook
Binge Drinking? Moi? Surely Not Louella Miles
Holidays should start at airports James Lawson

December 2005

Creativity and the key to problem solving Caroline Pakel-Dunlop

November 2005

Qual marches into fresh pastures Sheila Keegan
Let's have a bit of spontaneity Carolyn Bird
Guide to consumer immersion Simon Roberts
Do respondents need to be happy? Laura Simpson
A view from the top of a bus Donna Cooper
In search of the 'non participants' Alison Drury

September 2005

Planning for the unimaginable Liz Sykes
Incentive to go down CRB route Louella Miles
Fans and Football; Best and worst of times Geoff Bayley
Respondents ring their own bells John Griffiths
Restoring the X-Factor Ben Marshall
Resist temptation to switch off Catherine Taylor

July 2005

Giving a voice to childlessness
Solutions from a double diamond Ruth Flood
What state are Europeans in? Mark Potts
Connecting with a sense of smell Louella Miles

June 2005

You don't have to be a brain scientist Caroline Hayter

May 2005

Ad expertise versus a youthful touch Alison Drury
Dublin achieves transformation Darren Harvey
Welcome to the world of CREA Caroline Fraley
Numbers do not a policy make Matthew Rhodes
Getting a grip on communication Vanessa Hyland
Let's get happy Vaughan Flood
School for Stress Rosie Campbell
Them Rob Hartley
Obesity through the Eyes of the Obese Heather Pollitt
Wine, Women and Song Debbie Newbould
Minding the Gap Audrey Niven
Citizen or subject? Geoff Bayley
Where Have All The Idols Gone? Emma Laney Smith
Ethical Consumerism: Code or Craze? Charlotte Parkinson
It Wasn’t Like That In My Day Fiona Jack

March 2005

Quallies on Quallies Rosie Campbell
Cinderella of Qual Catherine Taylor
Lowdown on Qual Fiona Jack
Price of pitching Sheila Keegan
Size matters...or does it? Julia Spink
Looking for Honey Bees Julie Tinson
Social research basics Ian Theo
I wanna tell you a story... Stuart Smith
Life goes on after the storm Penny Foulkes
Spotlight on anthropology Simon Roberts
Measure, model and manage Lawrence Crosby

January 2005

Free thinking on hold Simon Williams
Leçons sans Frontières Anne Bahr Thompson
Speaking with one voice Fiona Jack
A limited set of options Ann Tilman
Taking the lid off graphs Vincent Jones

November 2004

Taking China's measure Louella Miles
Getting a grip on the future Isabelle Loman
Tale of two lifestyles Anne Morton
How creative is your creative brief? Geoff Bayley
The Craft of Qualitative Research Geoff Bayley
The Chemistry Set,... Choosing a Consultancy Geoff Bayley
The Cat and the Canary Geoff Bayley

September 2004

Truth, Lies and Videotape Philly Desai
War can't stop research Allen Cooper
A chance to be heard Juliet Newton-Smith
Its best to be prepared Anne-Marie McDermott
Money and Motivation Peter Christopherson
Into the melting pot Neil McPhee
A chance to be heard Jon Swingler

July 2004

Decisions, decisions Tessa Stuart
What's my true worth? Liz Sykes
The ABC of the DPA Judith Wardle

May 2004

Not all black and white Greig Burnside
Making up is hard to do John Griffiths
A geezer's true worth Oliver Murphy
Racism is a human issue Kiran Sharma
Learning in installments Louella Miles

April 2004

Are we colour blind Richard Shaw

March 2004

Shopping in a World of Ideas Mark Thorpe
Form Filling Fiascos Louella Miles
Reasons to be cheerful Philip Sutcliffe
Best of Both Worlds Caroline Richardson
When and How to Screen Louella Miles

February 2004

Quest for 'reality' Graham Booth
Spotlight on qual Fiona Jack
Future Formats Dan O'Donoghue
Canny Graduates Lucy Golding
Hit List (The Client's View) David Fenton
Nature of Speed David Green
Beating the blues Davina O’Donoghue
Achieve the impossible Jane Gwilliam
New Thinking Myths Caroline Hayter
Focus on USP Neil Lovell

January 2004

Untangling Future Trends Bridget Rosewell
What makes qual tick? David Packingham

November 2003

When companies lack trust Nicola Stanley
View from Academia Lynne Gravell

September 2003

Grey can be sexy Kate Hamilton
Developing qualitative thinking with AURA Sheila Keegan
What it takes to add value Kevin Lane Keller
Tale of a cool cat Anita Naoko Pilgrim
Who holds the whip hand? Catherine Woolcott
Qual lacks career path Lucy Deveraux

July 2003

Why not try digital kit? John Griffiths
Move it on up the groove Charles Skinner
A cure for complacency Mary Spence
Lisbon's take on magic Jude Rutherford
AQR broadens its activities Ann Whalley
Time for a break. So where? Caroline Fraley

June 2003

Confronting the Unconscious Joanna Chrzanowska

May 2003

Collage: more than the sum of its parts Simon Patterson
On the run from brands Louella Miles
Marketing insight: A review of 'How Customers Think' Louella Miles
Who's missing? Simon Riley
Night vision in the sandstorm Dipen Mehta

March 2003

It's good to talk Colin Rice
What's up Doc? Dan O'Donoghue
Local meet wins fans, the debut of AQR North Alison Drury
A thought experiment John Griffiths

February 2003

Agents for change Andy Jameson
Future times Rosie Campbell
Industry focus Ann Whalley
The perils of Ethnography Ken Erickson
Data Protection Act Pitfalls Sandrine Monnier-McClure
Global quality Monika Bhaduri
Costly costings, a client's view Charlie Gower
The joys of Ethnography Nick Jankel-Elliot

January 2003

Luigi wins award Louella Miles
How do we perceive the ads? Debbie Newbould
Are there any trends? Liesbeth Gerritsen
Freethinking forces Sean Dromgoole
Different storkes, different folks Louella Miles

November 2002

A New Researchers Forum that inspired Richard Hershman
Fishing for pearls at RCA Jeremy Myerson
Clients really want Frankie Freedman
Language of research Allen Cooper
Put it in your booklist Mick Williamson
Life on the ethnic beat Abi Adeniran

September 2002

Search for eternal youth Alison Fydler
In praise of gifted amateurs Clive Moffatt
On the hunt for hotels Louella Miles
Which web sites score? Nick Head

July 2002

Telling the teacher's tale Louella Miles
A year in the the life of AQR Ann Whalley
The world is our oyster Philly Desai
On course for accreditation Louella Miles
AQR's Advanced Seminar more than lived up to its promise Mike Donovan

June 2002

Re-visiting qualitative research Susie Fisher

May 2002

The decline and fall of the NHS Mike Owen
Brighton not so belle Oliver Murphy
Career Therapy Soirée at the AQR New Researcher's Forum Tamara Heller
Focus on Social Research Nigel Jackson
The AQR Qualitative Research Recruitment Rules and Guidelines Kevin McLean
The 'new normal' consumers Lynn Greenberg
How to score in football Ian Forth

March 2002

The Magnificent Nine Sean Dromgoole
Did Archimedes have a PhD? Bill Gourlay
Recruiters: Employed or self-employed? Jeremy Harding-Edgar
Moving under MRS umbrella Fiona Jack
The Euro Impact Louella Miles
The Times comes up trumps Daniel Finklestein

February 2002

Niche challenge Philly Desai
Counting the cost Tim Porter
Act today Karen Beardon
Inside View Sally Evans
Qualitative insights Ann Whalley
When V turns to U Gemma Ferst
The Business Value of Emotional Intelligence Scott Hayward
In Depth: An interview with Vera Kerr Louella Miles
Edging closer to MRS Ann Whalley
Review of AQR's Residential Foundation Course Lorraine Bourke
Let's meet more often Janie Gingell
What does the future hold for the qual industry? Marco Rimini

January 2002

Regional Moves Louella Miles

November 2001

What does it take to get a good view? Liz Sykes
Customer Insight Gail Behan

September 2001

International work can be like conducting an orchestra Pieter Paul Verheggen
It’s a new day. It’s a new team. Louella Miles
How useful is qual to medial research? Ian Muchamore
Bumper Guide to Qual Anne Ward
Delving deep into the mind Kevin McLean
When did I turn into an anorak? Joanna Hill

July 2001

Do predictions affect results? Peter Bull
Stand-out ads Malcolm Evans
Seen and heard Louella Miles
Are you up for a challenge? Wendy Gordon
Reviews: The Current State of Advertising Research Seminar Errol Crosbie
Do we understand children? Louella Miles
Common spur Sally Hain
Will boys be boys? Louella Miles
AGM 2001: A time of change Louella Miles

May 2001

Trawl for networker views Joanna Hill
Get ready for new Data Protection Act Sally Ford-Hutchinson
Survey: What do you really think? Louella Miles
White knight for newcomers Lucy Golding
How was Brighton for you? Oliver Murphy
Repeat attendance focus Sally Fairall
Paris: Vive la difference! Mike Imms
Men are focus groups, women are group discussions Joanna Chrzanowska
Introducing AQR's new site Vincent Nolan

March 2001

Repeat Attendance Focus Mike Imms
Verbatim: A fresh perspective on qual Louella Miles
Broader Horizons: Shared Goals Chris Payne
Global Trends Phelim O'Leary
Feedback from the coalface on repeat attendance Louella Miles
What do you think of AQR? Louella Miles

January 2001

Handbags at twenty paces Andrea Williams
Let's go back to our roots Ailean Mills
Will Brighton be a ball? Claire Thomas
Broader Horizons - Stakeholder Pensions Gary Lockwood
Camargue tackles PR Louella Miles
Bush and the focus factor Jim Bryson
Crash course on 'qual' Charles Graham
Friendly feel to US forum Laura Marks
Bush is in, but what part did focus groups play? Patricia Sabena
Buying Tips Joanna Hill
Online: An Introduction Michael Herbert
Online: View from US Martin Redfern
Essential Reading Louella Miles
Consumer Currency in Behavioural Research David Humphries
Inside story
About the AQR Staff Writer

November 2000

Power hungry consumers Louella Miles
Creativity gap Sally Fairall
The Euro conundrum Fiona Jack
There's a fast train coming Julia Spink
Worlds apart Naomi Canton
Looking in on the world Anniki Sommerville

August 2000

AGM 2000: One in a Millennium Rose Molloy

July 2000

E-mail leaves recruiters cold Louella Miles
Think beyond your craft skills Judie Lannon

June 2000

Where does qual sit with 'E'? Mike Imms
Watching Brief at Brighton Vincent Nolan

May 2000

AQRP has new name Louella Miles
Why the web is essential Joanna Chrzanowska

April 2000

Evolution of the species Mike Imms
Tall Tales Peter Dann
A few facts about qual Mike Imms
Data Protection Update Louella Miles

December 1999

Managing International Projects the right way Anne Ward
Rights of Respondents Judith Wardle
What on earth is a qualitative researcher Andy Edwards
Social Nicities Nicky Marchant
Applying quality standards to market research organisations Ros Morgan
Kids, a bunch of know it alls Justine Gibbons

November 1999

Setting Standards John Rose
Working hand in hand Louella Miles
New spirit of cooperation (SAMRA, Johannesburg) John Rose
Insights into the Euro market Mike Imms
21st Century wishlist Sylvie Michel
Challenge existing wisdom (book review) Clive Nancarrow

September 1999

Gospel according to Bill Alastair Burns
Creativity goes with the flow Alberto Sidrach
Irish Puzzle Phelim O'Leary
The art of online research David Green
Online future Adrian Langford
Escaping from the box David Smith
Who has been to a group? Mike Imms

July 1999

A tale of three softwares Gill Ereaut
Market Maze in Romania Gabi Antonescu
Listening groups christened Jayne Ozanne
View from across the water Bernhard Fahrenwald
Exploring new territories Tessa Stuart