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Being a member of the AQR offers you a wealth of benefits; whether you want to develop or hone your skills, are looking for peer support or professional reassurance, have valuable input to share, or just want to be more involved and embedded in your qualitative community... we are here for you. AQR membership provides all of this, whilst also pushing boundaries (and challenging convention!) through thought leadership, hosting social networking events, creating opportunities for you to showcase your brilliance to the broader research community and providing a seal of approval of quality to your clients.

If you work within any aspect of qualitative research, the AQR considers you part of the community. AQR Membership is a sign that you are at the forefront of the qualitative research industry.


AQR Conference 2024 Humanity Fights Back

Only 6 tickets left! Join over 90 people on Thursday 13 June for our full day face-to-face conference in London. Four sessions, 11 presentation plus an interactive Qual segmentation experiment!. [ more about AQR Conference 2024 Humanity Fights Back ]

AQR AGM and Summer Party

Thursday 13 June 5:00pm 8:00pm The Roof Terrace, The Bailey, 16 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EG This year we will be celebrating following the AQR Conference: Humanity Fights Back! [ more about AQR AGM and Summer Party ]

Conducting Effective intercepts

There is a skill to approaching strangers for 'just a quick chat'. This face-to-face course will equip less experienced researchers with all they need to prepare, plan and execute brilliant intercepts. [ more about Conducting Effective intercepts ]


Qualversations AQR's new podcast series, designed to expand perspectives and deliver thought provoking opinion pieces. The fourth episode is airing now. [ more about Qualversations ]

AQR's Safety Guidance

Launched Oct 2022 the AQR Safety Guidance is intended to make it easy to ensure the safety of researchers and fieldworkers is built into the process. [ more about AQR's Safety Guidance ]

The Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS)

The RAS developed by the AQR and MRS raises the profile and status of recruiters through training and accreditation and recognises the knowledge, skills and competence of professional recruiters. [ more about The Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) ]


Qualversations with guest Vicki Cooke

In our 4 th episode of the AQR podcast Qualversations, AQR Board member Judy Taylor talksto Vicki Cooke, co-founder and Chair of Thinks Insight about her prolific research career.Together they talk values, being disenchanted at school and how inspirational it has been towork with real leaders, like the (then) Prince of Wales and Tony Blair.

[Listen Now]

Qualversations with Ellie Consta

In the third and final podcast in our Mini Series Debbie Newbould interviews Ellie Consta. Ellie set up the all female strings quartet Her Ensemble. In covid Ellie had an epiphany moment asking the question: why aren’t we showcasing more female composers in classical music? Why aren’t we challenging classical music norms? Debbie chats to her about being a young female leader in the classical music scene and what it takes to step up and take action.

[Listen Now]

Qualversations with guest Polly McMaster

In the second episode of the AQR podcast Qualversations AQR Board member Debbie Newbould interviews Polly McMaster, Founder and CEO of the clothing brand The Fold. Polly’s ambition is to empower women through helping them achieve their ambitions. Debbie chats to her as she tracks her journey from researching mouse herpes (yes, you read that right) to dressing royalty.

[Listen Now]

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Representing members since 1980

The Association for Qualitative Research was founded in 1980 and represents the interests of our members in the qualitative research industry. AQR has established itself as the internationally recognised Hub of Qualitative Excellence via education and training programs, seminars, networking opportunities and liaising with the wider research industry.

Committed to serving the qualitative industry

Our core objective is to serve the interests of our members through a range of initiatives. This includes defining and building an understanding of the commercial value of qualitative research, providing inspiring and valuable training courses, and creating forums that facilitate debate and advance qualitative research methodology.

Promoting professionalism in Qualitative Research

AQR promotes qualitative research as a career, providing networking opportunities and social events, and promote the highest professional standards within our industry. We welcome all those who share AQR's interests and ambitions as members, providing them with access to a powerful business network.