The Association for Qualitative Research
The Hub of Qualitative Thinking

About the AQR

Since 1980 we have been representing the interests of qualitative research, while working tirelessly to promote the industry in the UK and abroad.

The AQR Philosophy

Our philosophy is to broaden horizons and stretch perspectives. This is integral not only to our thoughts on techniques and practices but also to our provision of learning and networking opportunities for our members. As the ‘Hub of Qualitative Thinking’ we remain committed to creating spaces for our members to connect, learn, create and get inspired.

Underlining the commercial value of qual

We believe that it is important to define qualitative research, to identify the hallmarks that distinguish it from the simple canvassing of opinion and underline its commercial value. As such we work hard to safeguard qualitative research, now and in the future, championing it as a career choice and promoting the highest professional standards within our industry. More than this though, we provide a friendly environment for new and existing qualitative researchers to grow.

Our committment to our members

We welcome all those who share AQR's interests and ambitions as members, providing them with tangible benefits, plus access to a powerful business network. The industry is changing: we are committed to providing our members with the intellectual tools to meet future challenges and opportunities.

An ever-growing list of membership benefits

The list of membership benefits is constantly being added to but currently these range from offering early morning learning opportunities such as Breakfast Bites, to evening sessions (Spark) and full-day courses and conferences.

Full list of member benefits