The Association for Qualitative Research
The Hub of Qualitative Excellence

Legal Information about the AQR

AQR is the trading name for the Association for Qualitative Research Limited.
Registered in England and Wales Company Number 02471332

Correspondence Address

31 St Neots Road
Eaton Ford
St Neots
PE19 7BA

Registered Office

3rd Floor, Marlborough House
298 Regents Park Road
N3 2SZ

Please note: The registered office address should only be used for statutory and legal notices requiring the attention of the company solicitors and directors. All enquiries regarding AQR membership, invoicing and payments, events, information about qualitative research, etc, should be addressed to the admin offices of the AQR at the correspondence address.

Company Status and Directors

The Association for Qualitative Research is a Company Limited by Guarantee and does not have a share capital. The liability of the members is limited under the terms of the Memorandum of Association to 1 each. The Association for Qualitative Research has two directors. Currently, these are: Chloe Fowler (Chairman), and Liz Sykes (Company Secretary).

Previous Names of the AQR

AQR was formerly known as AQRP, the Association for Qualitative Research Practitioners Ltd. The name was changed in 2000.

VAT Registration

The AQR is VAT registered (VAT number 539 1275 35). We are required to add VAT at the current rates to all of our prices and and a receipt showing VAT you have paid will be sent to you with your orders, membership confirmations etc.