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The Qualitative Research Calendar

The AQR runs a number of training courses, events meetings and conferences throughout the year. Most of these are open to both AQR members and to non-members.

For all of these events, advance booking is required unless otherwise stated. Our AQR events and training courses prove very popular and early booking is advised.

April 2024

Stand-up Research.

Stand-up Research. []
How stand-up comedy has helped my career in Qualitative Research. AQR Young Disruptors and MRS &more are here, along with AQR Parker Prize winner and MRS Careers Ambassador Amanda Hammond, to help you discover a new (and most unusual) approach to help your career: Stand-up research. Join us on 18th April 11am12pm for this joint webinar from AQR Young Disruptors and &more.

Date:Thursday 18 April 2024
Time:11:00am to 12.00pm London time

AQR Masterclass

AQR Masterclass
Applying COACHING techniques to your conversations to become a more effective manager and leader

Date:19 April 2024
Time:10:00am to 12:30pm
Venue:via Zoom

May 2024

AQR Masterclass Cultural Insight & Semiotics

AQR Masterclass Cultural Insight & Semiotics
A hands-on, interactive Masterclass. Why is cultural insight vital to successful brand development? How & Why is semiotics a powerful methodology to include in the qualitative toolkit?

Date:Thursday 2 May 2024
Time:9:30am to 11:30am Via Zoom
Venue:Via Zoom

June 2024

AQR Conference: Humanity Fights Back

AQR Conference: Humanity Fights Back
With its unique ability to facilitate human understanding, qualitative research has never been as important as it is today. The 2024 AQR Qualitative Conference, will explore, celebrate, and debate the contribution qual can make in helping 'humanity fight back'.

Date:Thursday 13 June 2024
Time:9:00am to 5:00pm followed by AGM 5:00pm to 8:00pm BST
Venue:The Bailey, 16 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EG
Admission:Pre booked only


***SAVE THE DATE*** Taking place after the AQR Conference on the Roof Terrace.

Date:Thursday 13 June 2024
Time:5:00pm to 8:00pm BST
Venue:The Roof Terrace, The Bailey, 16 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EG
Admission:Name on the guest list at the door


Please Note, we can only take bookings and answer queries for events organised by the AQR. Enquiries about non-AQR events should be made directly to the organisers of that event. Details of non-AQR events are for information only. Please make sure you confirm dates, times and venues with the organisers of those events.