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The AQR publishes two magazines about qualitative research which feature news, reviews, and articles written by experienced qualitative researchers, and which are exclusively distributed free of charge to all AQR members as part of the membership membership benefits. Many of the published articles are also kept online, creating a valuable archive of qualitative knowledge.

Issue 145

InBrief is the house magazine of the AQR, published six times a year and sent free of charge to AQR members. It covers news, views, detailed articles on topical issues in qualitative research, and reviews of events, courses, books, and software.

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Issue 30

InDepth In Depth is designed to take a topic of particular interest within the world of qualitative research and to look at it in much greater detail than would be possible within the format of In Brief. In Depth is published every six months and sent free of charge to AQR members.

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