The sort of membership enquiries AQR gets has changed over the years, and we’re constantly reviewing the options available to our members so as to meet a wide range of needs.

Following the introduction of group membership last year, we’re now excited to be introducing two new categories, one designed to attract those new to the industry and the other those who are no longer actively practising, but still want to stay in touch.

Affiliate Membership

First, Affiliate Membership: this is in response to the enquiries we often get from students and interns, who are considering a career in qual, but for whom the outlay on a full membership is a big commitment.

Affiliate members have the chance to build a network of contacts, plus gain access to valuable resources, as they embark on their qualitative career without having to commit to a full AQR membership. They will be able to enjoy some of the great membership benefits which full members enjoy — such as In Brief and In Depth, networking events such as Young Unfocused Group, Spark* and Not The Christmas Party*.

This new membership is available to those who are aged 25 or under, and who are not yet employed as research professionals. It is designed to offer a ‘taster’ of what AQR has to offer, and to pave the way to full membership for those who go on to pursue a career in qual full time. To ensure membership remains accessible and manageable, such members will be able to spread the cost by renewing in six monthly blocks.

Alumni Membership

For those at the other end of the spectrum, we’re excited to introduce the Alumni Membership scheme. We recognise that there are many people who have contributed a great deal to our industry over the years, and still want to stay in touch once they’re retired.

Now members will have the chance to keep up to date with what's going on in the world of qual, without needing to commit to a full AQR membership each year. It also gives members the opportunity to use their expertise in an advisory capacity and remain involved with the AQR.

Alumni members will enjoy benefits such as In Brief and In Depth, networking events, plus they’ll be able to retain a membership profile on the AQR website. This membership is available to those who have been active members for 15-plus years and who are no longer employed full-time in qual research.

For both new membership categories, applications will be assessed on a case by case basis by AQR Secretariat.