There’s not much you can do to prepare (other than wear comfy clothes as instructed) when you’re attending a training course called ‘Swagger’. And this is why, when Friday 19th June rolled around, I made my way to the Wallacespace with an open mind, wondering what I had gotten myself into.

As we started the first session — which focused on delivering presentations clearly and with confidence — it became apparent very quickly that we were going to be pushed out of our comfort zone when we were asked to present a topic of our choice to a number of our peers while being coached, live.

We next had to pitch a movie in two minutes to a film producer, forcing us to focus on the key hooks and aspects of our pitch that we wanted to get across.

Our third session was all about how we carry ourselves, so naturally we learnt and performed a burlesque routine (something I thought I’d never say!), finishing off the afternoon with a somewhat ‘spiritual’ experience that explored our inner moments of confidence.

Overall I can honestly say that I had a fantastic experience, facilitated by how supportive and encouraging my fellow Swaggerers were. Everyone who took part really immersed themselves in the exercises and as a result has been able to take away a number of key skills that we can apply to our daily lives and jobs.