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Colour on a rainy day

My recent migration from design studio to insight agency found me making my way to the AQR's moderating skills course on a drizzly Friday morning.

The course gave me the time not only to sit back and debate the methodology and techniques, but also to test run new ones. All of this meant I walked away with a far more colourful tool kit than anticipated and one I could implement straight away.

I work in a fairly compact team, so it was incredibly encouraging to meet with my peers and be able to share experiences and tips from a similar standpoint. It also helped remind me that I’m not the only one who faces those unavoidable shockers when working with respondents and clients.

The opportunity to build a network with people from varied backgrounds and working environments was both fun and reassuring. Our assigned mentors played a pivotal role in this, too, providing support prior to, throughout and post-training day. Overall, a highly recommended course for new starters as well as those a year in.


Hannah Dunnett
Consultant, the magnetic collective

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, December 2015
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