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A newbie's perspective

I joined Acacia Avenue as a junior research executive this July and Being Human was my first AQR conference. I had no idea what to expect. The best thing was that I enjoyed it as much as my senior colleagues with far more experience.

The engaging sessions, bite-size presentations and inclusive feel meant everyone, whatever their level of knowledge, could get an awful lot out of the day.

A special thanks to the organisers, who somehow managed to run such a packed day to time, and to the speakers and workshop leaders who made so many (sometimes complex) ideas stimulating, interesting and accessible. I really enjoyed actively taking part in the Decoding Human Interaction and Summon the Senses sessions led by Russ Wilson and Kahlia Pyle respectively.

By the end I felt enthused, full of life and part of something. I thought it was great how everyone was so collaborative and companies who would usually be competing for business were so willing to share tips and ideas. I got the sense that everyone put the health of the qualitative industry first, as ultimately the success of individual companies relies, to some extent, on the health and good practice of the industry as a


Matt Cade
Junior Research Executive, Acacia Avenue

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, December 2015
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