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Good old days of Flip Cam

Technology, it's wonderful isn't it? It allows us to do so much we couldn't do previously. I mean, can you imagine what your life was like before a smartphone? Remember when you had to carry a map, or be somewhere on time.

The problem with technology is that it constantly evolves and changes, there’s always a newer and better development. It seems you only have a moment to get used to a device, software, or app, before a newer and better one is released.

I was reminded of this the other day when looking to purchase a Flip Cam, the small camcorder qualitative researchers fell in love with circa 2008. This type of product doesn’t exist anymore, you simply can’t get them. Sure, there is GoPro and that sort of thing, but the world of the smartphone simply ate up the need for a small pocket camcorder. This made me a little sad for, much as I love technology moving forward, sometimes our losses should be mourned, particularly when you still need it. So RIP Flip Cam, Nokia 3310 and MiniDisc, I still miss you.


Colin Rice
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