Prisma, a new mobile photo editing app, could be a powerful new addition to our visual projective toolkit. The app takes an image and repaints the original picture with the help of artificial intelligence. The result can transform a mundane picture into a work of art.

Traditional projective techniques use pictures sorting, magazine tears, etc. Prisma can be a creative and fun tool to help understand the relationships that consumers have with brands. They can be tasked with taking a photo that reflects their relationships with a specific brand. Then, they would choose one of the Prisma painting effects (e.g. Cubism) to transform the photo.

The final version can be the starting point for a discussion about how it represents their relationships and feelings towards the brand. Moderators can dig even deeper and find out more about the choice of the painting effect and what consumers associate with it. Using Prisma is a great way to make use of mobile technology and brings a sense of layfulness to classic qualitative approaches. Revise your Painting classics and give it a go.