Jokes of this calibre got a good airing at the Young Unfocused Group (YUG) Christmas quiz, compèred by Joe Roberts-Walker from Discovery Research and Oliver Barker from Razor Research. With these two at the helm, safe to say it was never going to be your average quiz.

I am relatively new to research, so it was a great opportunity to meet others in the same position. Indeed, this was why ‘YUG’ was set up in the first place: bringing together researchers from various agencies so that they could socialise with others who understood what we do for a living.

As the night progressed there was less small talk and more laughs, partly due to sponsors Podengo and QM: Qualitative Mind, who kindly provided us with sufficient sustenance to ensure it would be a challenge to make it into work the next day.

It was a bit painful being part of the team that came last in the quiz, but the consolation prize (a pack of wooden spoons, presumably from Poundland) softened the blow. Rumour has it there will be other YUG events over the course of the year, so that we can network with our peers (and other more experienced researchers), discuss all things AQR, and learn more about the industry. Given that this was such a fun night, bring on the next one.