Recently I joined an enthusiastic group of AQR members on a journey to examine leadership from the inside out. With the guidance of coaches from All Round Leadership, we turned the mirror on ourselves to understand how life balance, attitude and personal mind talk lie at the heart of strong leadership. We were reminded that we have little chance of influencing positive change in others if we don’t nurture ourselves. Our own welfare is equally important to that of our team and the work itself, but for many of us these relationships are off balance.

Elliot Weider and Paul Hawkins from All Round Leadership introduced us to a small, but potent, set of ideas and techniques that are relevant not just to our work, but our lives and each and every relationship within them. Practical exercises challenged us to see the difference between management and leadership and how we make a difference to our teams, plus understand how to develop and maintain professional fitness.

For anyone looking to rejuvenate and future proof their leadership skills, I’d encourage them to attend a session like this.