Last month I participated in AQR’s two-day moderating course. I left feeling equipped with significantly more knowledge and confidence than I’d arrived with. For any qual researcher considering attending, here are my four key highlights:

Meet like-minded individuals

Coming from a small agency, mixing with others in a similar place career-wise was a real highlight, and of course, as a quallie, I loved hearing their stories!

Tutor support

The opportunity to learn from such experienced and knowledgeable tutors was invaluable. They were hugely supportive, encouraging us to try new techniques, while providing constructive feedback.

Digging deeper

Exploring how to tap into consumers’ subconscious thoughts and feelings through creative techniques and questioning was another highlight. The course has further reinforced for me how even the slightest nuances in question framing can make a difference to the insights uncovered.

Hands-on moderating

On the final day we had a go at moderating, an intimidating experience, but I quickly relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In reality we were all feeling the same and no one was judging. We were there to support one another, challenge ourselves in a safe environment, and build our confidence. It’s the sort of course that any new researcher would benefit from.