My expectations were high before attending the above course. I was really looking forward to being able to develop my skills and build confidence to run workshops and the day definitely did not disappoint.

It was clear from the start that it was going to be a unique and interesting day while the great location, The London Art House, made for a relaxed environment with very comfy sofas. It ran as a workshop and helped equip those attending with the tools and confidence needed to 'run the room' at future workshops. It also provided an understanding of what it's like to sit on either side of the table.

After a jam-packed morning and some tasty sourdough sandwiches, we were then given the opportunity to put the skills we had learnt to the test. We were invited to work together in the afternoon to plan our own workshop and then, once we were happy with what we'd achieved, test it out on our peers.

It was really interesting and helpful to work alongside others — both from different areas within the research industry and at different stages in their career — to see how they tackled the task at hand. I only wish that we had had more time for this section.

This was the second AQR course I have attended and it was brilliant. I was really impressed with the level of training provided. My only quibble is about the format. If I had any advice it would be to make it longer as a day just didn't seem enough time to 'cram' so much in!

But all in all, the day was great and extremely insightful and I look forward to having the opportunity to facilitate a workshop, so that I can test out some of the fun openers I now have stored in my knowledge bank.