Monday is a project management app you can download onto your desktop, mobile and tablet. It’s impressive, with an interface that allows teams to create projects easily and a big suite of customisable options to help manage projects on the go. From kick off to debrief you can monitor projects and attach documents, so if your moderator is sick their cover can find the guide easily. You can track revenue, ongoing projects, and use sharable boards for third parties that need access, plus run your personal life on a private board, should you so wish.

Talkwalker Video Recognition

Talkwalker Video Recognition, meanwhile, is a new video analysis technology that looks amazing. It promises a piece of software that could genuinely revolutionise qualitative research. Its AI-powered technology analyses video content from social media videos, looking for brand exposure, i.e. logos, campaigns and mentions. This would make analysing hundreds of hours of ‘media consumption’ diaries much easier and if it’s half as good as it says it is, it will undoubtedly become an invaluable tool for mobile ethnographies and online communities in the future.