On the way to AQR’s Insight Sensemaking: Core Analysis and Interpretation, I reflected on just what I wanted from this training day. Top of the list was to be taught new skills and frameworks that I could apply to my analysis and interpretation on every project I work on. I also, though, expected to learn new ways of thinking, gain confidence in my abilities and be able to share new ways of thinking with my wider team.

In preparation, we were asked to come armed with a recent whole day was going to be very engaging, interesting and beneficial for me as a young professional in this field. It completely lived up to my expectations. In fact, it went above and beyond as everything I learnt was cemented in my brain, and instantaneously put into practice in my work.

As well as allowing me to take a step back and relook at the way I think about, and analyse, raw data, Insight Narrator’s Caroline Florence taught us some new frameworks that will be beneficial throughout my career. Her expertise in this particular area allows her to share her knowledge in an accessible and interactive way. The day was fun, making my colleagues and I excited to get back and apply our new knowledge.

We learnt about the SCQA and 5 C’s framework, which has given me a new, well-established, go-to model and starting point for every new project that I work on. It allows me to channel my thinking and reduce the noise not only in my head but in all the data I am looking at. This enables me to work much faster, with more confidence that I am answering my end client’s business and research needs.

Having been to a few of the Young Disruptor events, I was aware of the intelligence and usefulness of such sessions, but I believe this particular training day will still help me in years to come. I look forward to attending more in the future.