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The Market Research Benevolent Association

The Market Research Benevolent Association exists to help those who work or have worked in market research in any capacity, whether as researchers, interviewers, or office staff, as employees or independents, and whether members of The Market Research Society or not.

Require assistance?

In complete confidence, the MRBA gives financial help to people:

  • who are sick,
  • who have been bereaved,
  • who have met with an accident,
  • or who have suffered misfortune in any other way.

The MRBA may give an outright grant or make a loan. And sometimes it can supplement an applicantís income for a time, when adverse circumstances reduce their ability to earn a living. Of course, every claim has to be investigated carefully, but the MRBA is as generous as it can afford to be.

Spread the word

Now you may know all this, but one of the biggest problems is that not everybody in the industry does and we canít help in a case that we donít know about. Please make your colleagues and other friends across the industry aware of the MRBA and ensure that they let people in need know of the Associationís existence.

If you feel that anyone you know may need and be eligible for the help that the MRBA can give, please contact the MRBA Secretary/Treasurer, and be assured the enquiry will be treated as strictly confidential:

Please donate

To enable it to continue with its work, the MRBA also needs the help of donors and volunteers from within the market research industry. If you would like to enquire about the ways you can do this, say, through a regular subscription, a one-off donation, or by helping to arrange fund-raising activities, please contact Danielle Scott.