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The AQR Directory is the premier information resource for people searching for suppliers of qualitative services. Each entry in the AQR Directory is placed into one of the following types of business found within the industry.

Qualitative Research Agencies
A qualitative market research agency will offer most things relating to this area, from expert moderation to sensitive analysis and interpretation. Techniques and specialisation may vary by company, but many will use traditional and online approaches.
Market Research Agencies
A market research agency may offer qualitative research, quantitative research, or both, and increasingly consultancy services, workshop facilitation and so on. Staffing can range from one or two individuals to several hundred, with specialist qualitative agencies often at the lower end of the spectrum.
Freelance Qualitative Research Consultants
Researchers may also operate independently from larger agencies, often working on their own or with at least one other. The bonus from the client's point of view is that they can be brought in on an ad hoc basis, and may provide specialist skills.
Viewing Facilities
A location specifically designed for hosting research interviews and group discussions. Sometimes known as a viewing studio, it comes with recording and playback facilities and enables client observers to watch an interview or group discussion in progress, often via a two-way mirror.
Field Agencies
The professional function within market research that handles respondent recruitment project management and quality. Usually treated as a specialist activity, this function may be carried out by a department within a market research agency or by an external specialist field agency.
Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment, the way respondents or participants are screened and selected against set criteria, then persuaded to take part in qualitative market research, is generally carried out by specialist freelance recruiters or recruitment agencies in the UK. In US, by contrast, it is generally carried out by viewing facilities.
Suppliers Of Services
These companies supply specialist services to the qualitative research industry such as digital platforms, equipment hire, streaming services, specialist hardware and software, financial services, notetaking including verbatim conversation recording, fast-turnaround transcription, translation services, and report writing etc.