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2CV Research

2CV is a global consumer research agency with offices in the UK, USA, and Asia. We are dedicated to delivering innovative research. We understand that companies and brands need a fresh approach to insights. We believe that research shouldn't be about adding information - it needs to be about reducing the noise and breaking through the clutter. That's why 2CV offers Breakthrough Simplicity through fully integrated thinking and techniques. From deep ethnographic immersion to advanced analytics, we do the heavy lifting; editing, contextualizing, humanizing and storytelling. In short, we sort the details so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

2CV Awards:
o Confirmit AIR Award - 2018
o Best Use of Insight 2018 National Fundraising Awards (Unicef, 2CV & Open Creates for GDRP work - 2018)
o Most Powerful Insight using Data Analysis - 2018 Insight in Fundraising Awards (Unicef, 2CV & Open Creates for GDRP work 2018)
o MRS Young Researcher of the Year 2017 (Amy Jones)
o MRS Best Innovation Award 2016 (2CV, Girl Effect, Maido)
o MRS/AURA Award for Insight Management 2015 (2CV & TfL)
o MRS President's Medal 2013 (2CV & Girl Hub Rwanda)
o MRS Award for New Consumer Insights 2013 (2CV & eBay
o MRS Award for Financial Services Research 2008 (2CV & COI)
o Prosper Riley-Smith Effectiveness Award 2008

Contact Details

12 Flitcroft Street
London WC2H 8DL

Telephone 020 7655 9900

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Key Information

2CV Research is a Market Research Agency established in 1989 with 51-100 full-time employees, and has Group Membership of the AQR.

Employees who are AQR members

Tim Blandford
Charlotte Dixon
Sue Knibb
Vincent Nolan
Richard Pickering

Business Sectors

  • Gaming
  • Government and Local Authority
  • Health and Beauty
  • Media
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Travel and Tourism

Skills, Expertise and Services

  • Branding Research
  • Consumer Closeness and Immersion
  • Fieldwork
  • International
  • Quantitative Research
  • Social Research

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Market Research Society
  • The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

AQR Awards


For further information about 2CV Research please contact them directly at the address shown above. When contacting this company, please mention that you found them on the AQR website.