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McGowan Transcriptions

McGowan Transcriptions have been digital transcription service specialists since 1993, providing professional, confidential, accurate transcriptions to a variety of industries.

We are specialists in group discussions and depth interviews and offer a fast turnaround time, including same day, and less than 4 hour deadlines.

McGowan Transcriptions are the leaders in digital transcription services in the UK and are at the forefront of digital transcription technology. We do not use AI or transcription software - we believe this is why our quality is second to none.

Global Lounge is our unique, bespoke, secure and easy, uploading facility which you can access via any page on our website.

We believe the backbone of our success is in our fantastic team of experienced transcribers. You will not find the same quality of service anywhere else.

UNIQUELY, we NEVER subcontract transcription projects to third parties, home or abroad.

Call us free on 0800 158 3747 to book in your transcription project or request a quote - or upload instantly via our website.


* We are personal.
* We are never late in 25 years we have never missed a client deadline.
* We have a long-standing reputation established 1993.
* All our transcribers have English as their mother tongue.
* Our team consists of professional transcribers, not audio typists or machines.
* We offer a global service which accommodates varying time zones.
* We never subcontract to third parties, home or abroad.
* All our transcribers are UK nationals.
* Members of the MRS, AQR, Equality Register, ICO and are GDPR compliant.
* We are confidential.
* We have a bespoke uploading facility which you can access via our website.

Contact Details

14 Lambourne Drive
Surrey GU19 5BY

Telephone 0800 158 3747
Mobile 0800 158 3747

Other methods of contact

McGowanTranscriptionsUK @digitranscripts channel/UC3lwP36knm7XYNJkCDFrYPQ

Key Information

McGowan Transcriptions is a Supplier of Services established in 1993 with 31-50 full-time employees.

Employees who are AQR members

Sarah Davies
Joe McGowan

Business Sectors

  • Charities, Voluntary and Non-Profit Organisations
  • Financial and Investment
  • Government and Local Authority
  • Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Media
  • Telecommunications

Skills, Expertise and Services

  • Note-Taking
  • Transcription

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Market Research Society


For further information about McGowan Transcriptions please contact them directly at the address shown above. When contacting this company, please mention that you found them on the AQR website.