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Saros Research Ltd

Saros reinvented qualitative recruitment by pioneering the database-driven approach, and remain dedicated to excellence in respondent location, screening, interviewing and project management.

Our database outreach programme attracts 50-100 new members to our database daily, targeting untapped sources of participants completely new to the whole idea of research participation, and full of enthusiasm and new ideas. Recruitment is expertly managed by our high level project management team, and double-screened by phone to ensure respondents meet not only the hard but also the soft criteria.

Specialisms include food and drink, gaming, insurance, white goods, transport and travel, fashion and beauty, charities, DIY, gardening, sports and fitness.

We recruit groups, depths, online communities, co-creation workshops, accompanied shopping trips, UX sessions and ethnographic studies, all over the UK. We fully support all your needs for online research during the pandemic as well.

We'll get you genuine and insightful participants, in a timely, efficient manner.

Contact Details

Saros Research Ltd
PO Box 71506
London SE10 1BX

Telephone 020 8481 7167
Twitter @Sarosresearch
Facebook SarosResearch
YouTube user/SarosResearch

Key Information

Saros Research Ltd is a Recruitment Agency established in 2000 with 6-10 full-time employees, and has Group Membership of the AQR.

Employees who are AQR members

Cassie Clifford
Shelley Hodgson
Clare Le Huray
Sarah Spencer

Business Sectors

  • Fashion, Clothing and Style
  • Financial and Investment
  • Food
  • Gaming
  • Retail and Shopping
  • Social Media

Skills, Expertise and Services

  • Group Discussions and Focus Groups
  • Qualitative Recruitment

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • The Market Research Society
  • The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research
  • The Qualitative Research Consultants Association

Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS)

Saros Research Ltd is an accredited company under the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS), which has been jointly developed by the AQR and MRS to recognise the knowledge, skills, and competence of professional recruiters. [More info about RAS]


For further information about Saros Research Ltd please contact them directly at the address shown above. When contacting this company, please mention that you found them on the AQR website.