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What does it all mean?

When this publication lands on your desk it may come as a shock. It has a new look, a new name, it's even a new concept. The AQRP Newsletter is no longer. The AQRP Magazine, In Brief, has arrived.

I can already hear the murmers of "All very interesting, but is this yet another change for change's sake?" Well, we believe not, otherwise it would not have maanged to get this far.

The membership survey carried out last year showed how important communication to and between members is. Just as clearly, the Newsletter has always been one of our main communication vehicles, and it has progressed over the years. Those of you who have been members for some time will remember the days when it appeared twice a year as a collection of A4 sheets stapled in one corner. Desktop publishing enabled it to take on a more professional look which was in keeping with AQRP's identity as the voice of Qualitative Research.

The professionalisation process has now taken a step forward with the appointment of Louella Miles as managing editor. As a journalist with editorial skills and experience, Louella adds a new dimension to the publication,... expertise.

Having this invaluable resource means that the magazine can be published more frequently, six times a year, which in turn means that we can keep everyone informed about new developments in our industry,... and there may even be a little gossip.

Prosper Riley-Smith