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Training in tandem

One consequence of our growing professionalism has been the over-subscription to events like the AQRP Foundation Course.

This course, which by definition, usually involves young researchers, new to the job, has been growing in popularity. This year we changed the format to five consecutive one-day sessions. Coincidentally, the MRS changed its offering to six one-day sessions held on an "occasional basis".

Unfortunately, the unthinkable happened and due to lack of communicaiton between the two organisations the first day of the Foundation Course and the first MRS day coincided to the chagrin of both parties. It had one positive outcome: the MRS approached us tho ask if we would be interested in running some joint courses.

This might not be viable for the AQRP Foundation Course, but it could prove practicable if we were to launch a course for buyers, say, on "How to the get the most from Qualitative Research".

The practicalities of such an exercise would have to be looked at in great detail, of course, although on one level such a venture would make sense. We could reach an even bigger audience and could even improve courses with more financial backing.

The downside is that we would have to be very careful not to dilute the courses' essence, namely their quality, value for money, and AQRP branding.

The issue is currently being debated and we will keep you posted as soon as we have any news. In the meantime, let us hope that it signals the beginning of a new spirit of cooperation between the two organisations.