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Fringe view from Italy

I very much appreciated the overall scenario and the atmosphere of the MRS Conference. I particularly liked the perfect organisation, combined with good taste and style. The welcome has been very friendly (especially the Gala Party), the speeches interesting and the conference halls comfortable.

As far as the AQRP lunch is concerned, first of all I would like to thank you for your invitaiton. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to meet people from different countries who all had the same objective: to know each other, be curious about various experiences and share common expertise/skills.

In fact, even if the meeting has been quite short, I have been able to taste the cheerful and warm climate of a space dedicated to qualitative researchers who are usually open-minded and loving people. I strongly believe that - apart from the occasions we have for business purposes - nowadays it is essential to have more frequent personal contact with other international qualitative researchers in order to discuss specific issues and share experiences.

Meetings and seminars could help us enhance quality standards, find out new methods and techniques, and improve our image as qualitative researchers. This would allow us to increase the volume of the qualitative research, reinforcing its positioning in the market: unity is strength!

Giovanna Domenici
ASM, Rome