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Way ahead for AQRP

As this, the launch issue of our new magazine goes to press, it's good to report that the AQRP has made major breakthroughs recently.

We are increasingly seen as the authoritative voice of qualitative work, not just in market research but in the more general marketing world. Membership has grown rapidly in recent years and increasingly the MRS is turning to use for assistance, advice, opinion and partnership in a way which would have been unthinkable a couple of years ago.

Its not all to do with how the outside world sees us though. We also get feedback from members about how we have changed. The AQRP is almost like New Labour, although I hope we haven't alienated Old Labour. It presents itself as much more progressive, dynamic, professional. Our aim is to build on this growth. Short-term, in organisational terms, I would like us to be less London based. Long term, we need to position ourselves as the main qualitative voice for Europe. We should also have better links with ohter trade bodies outside the research industry, to promote AQRP to them. This ties in with improved public relations on the list of "to dos" for this year.

Finally, one aspect we shouldn't ignore is to continue being the driving force in improving standards in qualitative research. I am not arguing for standardisation, but an overall improvement in standards.

Laura Marks