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Membership hits new high

High on the list of AQRP successes is the growing membership. It has risen from 250 in 1985, to 420 in 1992, standing at around 622 in 1995. This year we have added another 130 members, without a significant number of drop outs.

Marks: We want to raise AQRP profile and promote forward thinking"

Courses are one of the main attractions. The quality of events is high, both educational courses and evening events. While foundation courses have a general appeal, trend days are an attempt to talk to a more senior level of delegate, to think about and debate issues which are relevant to the industry. Such days contribute to what we want the organisation to do: raise the AQRP profile, promote forward thinking and ideas rather than just the nitty gritty stuff.

The Directory is another step in the right direction. This year marks the third edition and, for the first time, we have included an international section in it.It includes companies from abroad who want to be in it as well as UK companies who carry out international research. The Directory this time around also has a much bigger circulation, going to named research buyers of the top 300 brands, to MRS Conference delegates, to ABMRC, APG and AURA members, and finally to the bigger quantitative audience, many of whom are users of qualitative research.

It is now a question of coping with our success. Our courses are all over-subscribed, mainly because of their quality and reasonable prices. The Foundation Course in particular demonstrates a tremendous need in the industry for formal educaiton. Most of it in this industry, in the past, has been on the job. Judging by the response to foundation level, moderating skills and proecting techniques courses, researchers are now making up for lost time.

There are a number of new events currently under discussion to add value to the membership, but this doesn't mean we are at saturation point. The organisation is relatively buoyant and we are open to suggestions for projects that would further the cause of qualitative research. Please use the faxback on the back page if you have any suggestions.