The reason for the proposed change is simple. "Since its humble beginnings in the early '80s, the AQRP's membership has grown to include academics, clients, field personnel, planners, client-side researchers, recruiters, studio managers - the list goes on," says AQRP chair Rachel Ormrod. "This broad range means that a focus on practitioners, the 'P' of AQRP, no longer reflects our rank and file." There are other, more lightweight, reasons, too. A three-syllable acronym will, hopefully, encourage people to enunciate each one or use its full name, the Association for Qualitative Research. AQRP was embarrassingly close to 'burp' and 'twerp' when pronounced in a hurry. We need a name which reflects our aim of becoming the definitive role for everyone interested in the professionalism of qualitative research, and AQR seems to fit the bill.