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The recently published Qualitative Research in Context, edited by Laura Marks and published by Admap, in conjunction with the AQR, breaks new ground. For the first time researchers and clients are presented with a unique and expert insight on how best to conduct and use qualitative research in a wide range of diverse industries.

The background to the book is simple: industries have had to face up to the fact that they need to understand their public, and that qualitative research is an effective part of the process. Each chapter illustrates not just where and how research is used, but also how users of that research can benefit from a better understanding of consumers.

Experts provide guidance on researching specific issues and sectors as diverse as Innovation, New Broadcasting, Direct Marketing, Design, the Arts World, Politics, Social Policy and Religion. The book has already received a good reception. Here are some of the comments to date:

What others have said

"This is the first book that I have come across that puts research into its proper business context and examines the link between the particular research approach and the client's information needs with respect to their business objectives" Mary Goodyear

"This book demonstrates the growing sophistication and reach of qualitative research methods and thinking, the discipline has come of age, of that there can be no doubt" Wendy Gordon

"Marks has ensured that it is a practical primer for both buyers and practitioners in a rapidly diversifying industry. But she has of course achieved more than this. The book stands astride and comfortably integrates the developing specialist areas of qualitative research and the 'real world". Roddy Glen