The AQR has approached Camargue to implement an on-going promotional programme for the Association and its members to help increase recognition of qualitative research in the media.

"We see Camargue as playing a key role in AQR's desire to promote qualitative research's breadth and professionalism," says AQR chair Rachel Ormrod. "It is a specialist business-to-business and corporate PR agency which has wide experience working with a variety of businesses and, unusually, professional bodies. Utilising its expertise in this field, Camargue will seek to promote the AQR as the voice of authority for qualitative researchers while publicising the benefits of qualitative research to the wider business community."

Camargue will primarily focus on the marketing press. This will direct the AQR's message to those directly responsible for commissioning and undertaking qualitative research.

Camargue recognises that many AQR members already provide comment to the media on issues affecting qualitative research. It will work to ensure that the opportunities for AQR spokespeople to contribute to features are seized on a regular basis and that the benefits of undertaking qualitative research are promoted as effectively as possible. It will also provide support for AQR spokespeople in dealing with journalists and is always available if any members should have media queries.

The AQR has a wealth of material that it will convey to the press through interviews with AQR spokespeople, press releases or case studies.

Camargue meets regularly with the AQR PR team ­ Vanella Jackson, Ann Whalley and Sally Fisher ­ and, while it is early days for the campaign, several themes have already emerged which it will use to develop stories of interest to the media. These include considering the issues and ethics surrounding Observational Research, the emerging role of the researcher as a 'Corporate Therapist' and the increasing popularity of Experiential Learning.

Since the programme's inception in October 2000, Camargue has arranged an interview for Vanella Jackson with Marketing magazine that led to the AQR receiving considerable coverage in its feature on researching the Grey Market. And this is only the beginning!