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And now for recruiter accreditation

Momentum is gathering around the recruiter accreditation scheme, with draft frameworks taking shape and a drive to put training at its heart.

The next stage is a professional consultation with all stakeholders to ensure that the working group is focusing on the right issues. This stage is massively important for many reasons but especially to understand what sort of buy-in the scheme may get, and an opportunity for people to propose appropriate amendments or new suggestions.

Market research workers are notoriously bad at actually taking part in research but we cannot stress enough the importance of getting feedback on the proposed scheme. So when the outline and attached feedback form pass over your desk, please do give it some attention.

As a quick reminder, the vision is that recruiters should have a qualification (RAS) which means that they are trained to undertake recruitment to meet ISO, IQCS and MRS standards. It is agreed that the MRS should design a qualification, in consultation with the sector, and become the accrediting body. Watch this space!


Julie Fuller
CEO, Acumen Fieldwork

This article was first published in InBrief magazine, August 2014
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