From Instagram to You Doodle to Colour Splash, there are already a number of great photography apps on the market. So what makes Dudr different? Well, the app enables you to connect with nearby friends and embark on a group photography challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take 24 photos in 24 hours.

Once time’s up, you’re rewarded with access to a shared photo stream with all the photos your team has taken. Dudr’s photo challenge is a clever and unique idea, but how can it help brands get closer to customers?

The concept could be applied to research by engaging a particular target audience in a 24-hour challenge to gain a vivid, albeit brief, snapshot of their everyday lives, before delving into deeper qualitative research. The rich multimedia outputs are likely to find favour with clients looking to bring consumer segments to life within their organisations, and the gamified approach should prove popular with respondents too