AQR’s new field course, ‘Everything you always wanted to know about field but were afraid to ask’, is designed to develop knowledge and skills around the recruitment process, and will help you get the best start to your project.

It is aimed at industry professionals who are responsible for interacting with fieldwork agencies and would like to learn more about how to get the best out of qual recruitment. We will be looking at how recruitment works, sharing top tips and coaching on writing effective screeners, quality control, industry and legal obligations for fieldwork.

It will be a fun interactive tour of the world of field that offers delegates the opportunity to explore areas of field they would like to know more about.

We will be reviewing the good, the bad and the plain ugly in recruitment screeners — naming and shaming common pitfalls everyone can learn from when checking and preparing screeners in the future. There will be plenty of opportunity on the day to chat with other delegates about their approaches to fieldwork and an open forum on the future of finding respondents in an ever more demanding research climate. Quality control, industry standards and legal compliance will be covered to ensure the finer points of best practice are understood.

So, if you’ve ever felt let down by commissioned fieldwork in the past and wished you knew what could have been done better to have prevented the problem, please join us.