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Call for Papers AQR Conference 2019 - AQR's Big Day Out

Here's your chance to get involved in next year's AQR Conference taking place 6 June in London. The AQR's Big Day Out 2019: Identity, Innovation, Ideology. Deadline for Submissions 4pm 11 February 2019


What we are looking for:

Papers that question perspectives and spark debate. We want you to use the Big Day Out as a platform for sharing your most thought provoking, conversation inspiring ideas with the Qual community.

We’re looking for both shorter, 10 minute pieces and more interactive 45 minute talks, so there’s bound to be something you can share.

We’re also running the annual Young Disruptors’ competition so if you have under 3 years’ experience be sure to check that out!

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11 February 2019

by 4pm

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