The Association for Qualitative Research
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The Hub Webinars

AQR - The Listening Project
Presented by Caroline Noon, Judy Taylor and Oli Sweet

Moving on from the elephant in the room
Presented by Lesley Croskery, Andrew Therkelsen, Hester Betlem, Louella Miles

Not Everyday Life or is it?
Presented by Siamack Salari, Dr Katrin Horn, Valeria Maltoni and Louella Miles

Online Qual - Hints and Tips from AQR
Presented by Judy Taylor, Lauren Elliott and Simon Shaw

IR35: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Presented by Elizabeth Norman, ENI Elizabeth Norman International

Using Semiotics in Marketing
Presented by Dr Rachel Lawes

Rory Sutherland Talks Alchemy and Qual
Presented by Nick Southgate and Rory Sutherland

Presented by Richard Shotton

Presented by Jon Alexander, The Citizen Project

The Mind is Flat - Is mental depth and the unconscious just an illusion?
Presented by Nick Chater discusses his latest book with Nick Southgate

5 Reasons why Qual is here to stay
Presented by Nick Southgate

Preview of Eyes Wide Open Event 7th June 2018
Presented by Louella Miles, Judy Taylor, Simon Shaw

Are we pretending to listen?
Presented by Louella Miles, Lyn McGregor, Judy Taylor, Liza Featherstone

Daniel Meadows
Presented by Daniel Meadows

Recruiter Accreditation Scheme
Presented by Debrah Harding - MRS

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
Presented by Dr Michelle Goddard

Presented by Wendy Gordon in conversation with Judy Taylor

How Ethnographic is Mobile Ethnography?
Presented by Peter Dann, The Nursery Research & Planning

Being There - why anthropology is where it's at
Presented by Gillian Thomas, Independent Consultant

The Ideal Man
Presented by William Landell Mills, TNS Global

Making the material matter
Presented by Jim Mott, BAMM

The New Unconscious is the Nonconscious.
Presented by Joanna Chrzanowska, Qualitative Mind

Being Human. Finding out a bit more about this year's AQR conference.
Presented by Sarah Jenkins, Senior Director, Basis

The Power of the Ethical Perspective
Presented by Peter Totman, Jigsaw Research

Language Analysis - The Qualitative Holy Grail
Presented by Rosie Campbell

Why We Can, Why We Must Ask Why!
Presented by Roy Langmaid

What Kinda(!) thing?
Presented by Mark Earls

The Qualitative Instinct
Presented by Nick Southgate

Who can take part?

The Hub Webinars are open to all. Please sign up and encourage your colleagues and clients, too. Let's spread the word of qual research.

How does it work?

You'll receive an email invite from AQR that you click on to agree attendance. A reply will tell you what you need to do. Just be ready with your laptop and speakers or headphones. Then at the appointed time you logon and the rest is up to us. A presenter will show visuals on your screen and take you through his or her pearls of wisdom.