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Living Portraits

***PROVISIONALLY FULL - PLEASE CALL TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST*** People are at the heart of what we do. We pour our energy into thinking about their needs, truths and behaviours. But when it comes to crafting our outputs, do we do them justice? What role can we play in putting the 'humans' back into our work?

Living Portraits will give us hands on tools to and get us thinking about:

  • How we could be using human language to create more impact?
  • How we can take better photos of the homes and the people we meet and use them more effectively?
  • How can we stop saying vox pop and start saying something more ‘human’?
  • Where does videoing research stop and documentary begin?
  • Where does the boundary lie between interpretation and fiction?

The format of the day
Living Portrait’s convenor is Chloe Fowler. She is Co-Founder of Razor Research and one of the AQR’s Board Members.

Each of our experts will take us through a masterclass that will provoke and get us talking, debating and learning. This is not a day called ‘taking photos for debriefs’ or ‘writing dialogues for decks’, our experts will be bringing their fields of interest to the room, it’s up to us to figure out how to apply it.

Daniel Wain: Developing Character. A great character is one that has a central premise, a motivation, a truth. They’re people an audience need to feel a connection with in order to care what happens to them. Daniel will set us creative writing challenges that will show us how to use monologue and dialogue to bring people alive and how this in turn provokes emotional responses in our audiences.

Andre Ainsworth: Showing Character. Apologies for the cliché, but a picture really does tell a thousand words. What a shame then that so many pictures of people are sub par (in life, not just in debriefs!). Andre will lead a masterclass in taking vivid, meaningful and memorable portraits. This session is designed for iPhones and Androids, we’re not talking Leica level.

Amy Ryles: Let them speak. Amy has worked in agencies and client-side but is now freelance and made her own documentary last year. She’ll lead us in a debate around the role of the lens in creating opinion and point of view. She’ll use examples to ask us to think about the role of truth, interpretation and creative license.

Preparation in advance
Everyone loves a pre-task right?! We will send everyone a link to a video approx. 10 days before course. You will be asked to take some photos to form part of our gallery exercise that Andre will talk through (you’ll get feedback!) You will also be asked to do some reading, writing and viewing before the day too. Our Masterclasses will be hands on from the get go!

Who Living Portraits is ideal for…
We think the course is ideal for mid and senior level researchers who are in charge of creating outputs for clients and are ‘in the field’ spending time with people.

AQR Members £250 + VAT = £300 (Membership is individual not corporate)
Non Members: £385 + VAT = £462 (includes 12 months membership)

Book online using the links below

12 April 2019

9.00am to 5.00pm

WeWork Kings Cross
90 York Way
London N1 9AG

Map of location:
StreetMap of N1 9AG

Provisionally Full. Please call 01480 407227 to join the waiting list.

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