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Easy Analytics to Elevate your Qual

Want an easy introduction to different analytical techniques. What do they even mean and when would they be relevant? Do you need to be able to suggest to clients which approaches could be used to answer their research questions? Want to know how to elevate your qual research with analytics?

This ‘Easy Analytics’ is a half-day online session aimed at quallies who’ve had very limited, or no experience of analytics research to-date. We will introduce you to the most commonly used analytical techniques.

The session will cover:

  • When analytics vs. standard quant or in addition to qual is appropriate
  • An overview of methods including:

o What to listen out for from a client to establish when each approach is appropriate
o What it involves and what questions to ask clients
o Overview of the process
o Outputs that this creates

  • Analytical techniques covered in the above will include: MaxDiff, Segmentation, Conjoint, TURF analysis, Drivers Analysis
  • Glossary of language and terminology
  • Activities reacting to dummy briefs

Our aim is to empower you to feel confident when you’re talking to clients (and colleagues!) about potential analytical exercises or quantitative project elements. Given the ever increasing desire for more complex analysis techniques, this course aims to help you wherever you may be now, and in your future career.

This session via zoom is aimed at those with none or very little experience of analytics research.

It will be moderated by Greg Rendell, Analytics Director at Relish and a quantitative specialist and Gemma Baldwin, Account Director at Relish and AQR Board Member - a qualitative specialist, both of whom would welcome your questions!

Greg is an expert in applying a wide variety of analytics techniques from standard MaxDiff and trade-off exercises to the most recent innovations in conjoint research. He has developed a number of customer segmentation approaches for some of the UKs biggest companies. Through his work he has developed innovative methodologies for marketing and campaign testing. He has particular expertise in the tech and telco sectors including both consumer and B2B insights.

Gemmahas over 10 years’ experience, predominantly in qualitative research but starting out working across both, giving her a keen focus on integration. Gemma has worked across a range of sectors from food and drink, beauty, services and working with charities. At Relish, Gemma works across integrated projects, working closely with the quantitative team.

Cost: £55 + VAT for AQR Members (membership is individual not corporate)
£90 + VAT for non members (includes 4 months membership to AQR)

Booking: Online using the links below

2 November 2021

9:30am to 12noon GMT Via Zoom

Via Zoom

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