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AQR Masterclass Cultural Insight & Semiotics

A hands-on, interactive Masterclass. Why is cultural insight vital to successful brand development? How & Why is semiotics a powerful methodology to include in the qualitative toolkit?

Through an analysis of key cultural meanings, brands can uncover the underlying motivations behind unconscious everyday consumer decision making. Armed with this insight, brands can gain competitive advantage by staying culturally relevant and distinctive.

Semiotics is the key qualitative research methodology to help achieve this.

This masterclass will include an introduction to applied semiotic analysis theory, as well as interactive sessions, in which participants will themselves conduct semiotic analyses, demonstrating its practical application.

Participants will leave with an understanding of how semiotics can be applied to commercial challenges, and a practical toolkit to guide and inspire future strategic and creative application, from positioning to pack design to innovation/NPD and more.

Who is this Masterclass for?

Ideally you will be someone with mid-senior level experience, who has heard of or seen a semiotic analysis, but haven’t worked extensively with a semiotician or cultural insight/semiotics agency, and are looking to increase your knowledge of the methodology and its application.

Our trainers are Alex Gordon, Katrina Russell, and Tizzy Thwaites, all from Sign Salad, a leading cultural consultancy specialising in foresight, semiotics and language analysis.

They have led many training workshops on how brands can take commercial advantage of cultural change, and will lead us in a very hands-on

Masterclass that will help us master the basics and help us to apply it in our day to day work, spotting its relevance to client briefs and projects.

Cost: AQR Members discounted price £75 + VAT = £90 (All membership to AQR is individual not corporate)
Non-members £100 + VAT = £120

Thursday 2 May 2024

9:30am to 11:30am Via Zoom

Via Zoom

Standard Price:
£100+VAT (Book Online)

Member's Price:
£75+VAT (Book Online)

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