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Two-day Moderating Skills Workshop

AQR's 2 Day MODERATING SKILLS WORKSHOP 3rd & 4th October 2024. A supportive tutor-based workshop, offering practical moderator skills training

Devised and run by Ruth Preston, Peppermint Research

With experienced and supportive tutors:
Afra Aquah, Afra Acquah Research and Insight Consulting
Emily Hilditch, Wonder Research
Charlotte Martin, Charlotte Martin Research Ltd

This course has 3 strands:

1. Theory and skills will be instilled and practiced through a seminar session, including exploring group dynamics, listening for emotional subtext and observing body language as well as subtle probing and using creative techniques for greater depth.
2. Techniques and skills will be fine-tuned in your tutor groups (5-6 delegates) where you’ll be supported and given constructive feedback and development tips. You’ll benefit from and share the experiences of peers and experienced tutors, addressing individual issues and concerns to build confidence.
3. Hands on moderating: skills and training will be put into practice when you moderate a section of a live focus group on day two and will be given personal feedback and goals for future moderation development.

Course Goals:

  • To understand a successful moderator’s mindset
  • To offer a wealth of tips, tricks and personal stories around moderating
  • To understand and develop listening and probing skills
  • To moderate without leading and to encourage System 1 responses
  • To moderate with a view to unpicking hidden or unspoken meaning
  • To have an awareness of group dynamics and how to manage them
  • To give confidence in dealing with difficult respondents
  • To offer tips and tricks on working with stimulus material
  • To provide practical, hands-on experience in moderating within

a safe and supportive environment

  • To offer tips and advice for on-line moderating (although this

course is primarily focused on face-to-face moderating)

This workshop is suitable for a wide range of delegates, including: Practicing qualitative researchers with 0-3 years’ moderating experience and anyone wishing to become more familiar with qualitative research methods in a practical way. This is a hands-on course and therefore not suitable if you're not prepared to give moderating a go (or if you’ve run 40+ groups already!).

Venue: Spectrum, 25 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8HT

Time: 9.00 — 4.30pm for both days

Cost: Special discounted price for AQR Members: £650 + VAT for AQR Members (Membership is individual not corporate)
Non Members price: £800 + VAT for non-members

Booking online using the links below

This course is accredited for 12 hrs as part of the MRS CPD programme

Dates TBC

9:00am to 4:30pm both days

25 Gloucester Place
London W1U 8HT

Map of location:
StreetMap of W1U 8HT

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